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NYU is a university in and of the city and in and of the world.  Based in the heart of Greenwich Village with facilities located throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, the traditional boundaries of the classroom are limitless, providing students and faculty with the unique opportunity to learn, teach, and grow in the world’s most dynamic city.

The University’s relationship with the community is inextricably tied to its academic mandate and mission to serve as a private university in the public service.  NYU maintains close working relationships with the city’s elected officials, nonprofits, Business Improvement Districts, and community organizations to encourage volunteerism ...

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...share resources, bolster the economy, and inspire the next generation of leaders and decision-makers.

Over the years, interactions with the community have provided invaluable lessons on how the University can be a more effective neighbor and resource. Among these, the University has made great strides in prioritizing how the University respects its neighborhood’s character, how it makes its choices, and how it listens to community voices, in addition to its pursuit for academic excellence.

NYU lives by the underlying principle that great cities and great universities belong together, that great cities need great universities, that a university’s academic enterprise leads to the ideas, the innovation and the human talent that help cities flourish.  NYU is among the many intellectual, cultural, and educational institutions that are mainstays of cities’ futures. Through enhanced communications with the community, NYU. strives to solicit feedback on the University’s long-range plans as well as inform community members about the many lectures, symposia, workshops, and events that are open and available to the public.

Free & Public Events

Free & Public Events

The blog showcases some of the many free and public events going on at the University: conferences, lectures, book signings, screenings, concerts and more!
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Community Fund

The Community Fund is a workplace charitable giving program at NYU.

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