NYU Triathlon Club

Coach Mike Gavan

Triathlon is a sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running. You can get in shape doing any of these. But doing all three is more fun, and gets you into better shape. Cross training relieves the boredom of doing one thing all the time. It makes you strong in more ways, which helps avoid injury and makes you feel and look better. Triathlon events are great motivators to keep you working out building fitness.

The NYU Triathlon Club provides regular workouts and coached training in the individual disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running. Many of us participate in local triathlon events. We are a friendly group with all levels of commitment from casual to serious. Any member of the NYU community is welcome to participate.

Frequently asked questions:

To learn more about the club, visit our unofficial site, or the NYU athletics site, or send email to Coach Mike Galvan.

Some useful triathlon related links:

The New York Triathlon Club which organizes many triathlons and biathlons in the New York area, including some fun events in Central Park.

USA Triathlon is the national triathlon organization, with many more events and other triathlon information.

active.com has an even bigger database of events of all kinds and allows you to register online.

The New York Road Runners' Club organizes weekly races, mostly in Central Park. These range from three mile (5K) races to the New York Marathon. They also have information on running clinics, power yoga, and more.

The Hudson river is cleaner than you think. The Manhattan Island Foundation organizes Hudson river swims ranging from half a mile off lower Manhattan (easy) to 28 miles around the island (don't even think about it).

If you want to know what triathletes look like, you can work out with the NYU Triathlon Club, or you can check out the professionals, pictured in Triathlete Magazine. They have lots of useful information for beginners.

Last update: January 7, 2010.