Tisch Graduate Student Organization
Interdepartmental Grant 2012 - 2013
The Tisch Graduate Student Organization (GSO), through the generous support of Dean Mary Schmidt Campbell, is looking to fund interdisciplinary projects within the Tisch community. We are seeking projects that embody collaboration and foster artistic expression that are also geared towards professional development and have relevant public impact.

The grant envisions to cultivate the rich diversity of talents, interests, and perspectives throughout Tisch encouraging artists and scholars to connect with and engage their community.  
A total grant fund of $5,000 is to be allocated between projects that will be selected by the Tisch GSO board. Full artistic freedom is given to grantees and they are expected to manage their projects accordingly. You will also be required to give status updates on your project to the GSO officers monthly. These projects will have the honor of being part of the Tisch GSO Portfolio.

Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a collaboration involving at least two graduate students from different Tisch departments who are equal owners/creators of the work.

  • These projects must be extracurricular and cannot used for any academic purpose.

  • They must be presented on campus for the Tisch Community by April 15th.

  • If selected, your team must attend at least one GSO Planning Meeting and send monthly email updates and adhere to initial planning timelines and deadlines

  • If selected, your team will be required to attend a Spring semester GSO Mixer to present your proposals.

Tisch GSO will help you develop your project and provide assistance in handling administrative matters specifically in terms of dealing with and securing support from the Tisch community. Further details regarding funding schemes and other administrative matters pertaining to the grant will be discussed with the grantees prior to pursuing the projects.

** We highly recommend that you develop a realistic, efficient budget, that cuts out any unnecessary costs/fees that could be avoided by working with your fellow Tisch Grads or other professional networks. Previous grant recipients have utilized their resources efficiently and effectively and only asked for the minimum amounts of money needed to bring their projects to life.**
Application Process
All sections of the form must be filled up accordingly with clear and concise details. Relevant documents must accompany the application form. 

  The application deadline has passed for 2012.

Please check back next year.

For further questions regarding the grant and/or the application process contact gsotisch@gmail.com

GSO representatives will be available to answer questions about the grants at any of our mixer events.


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