E-Board Officers 2014-2015

Zoe Slemmons


Zoe is our wonderful president. You can get in touch here.

John Lor

Vice President

John Lor is our hardworking Vice President.

Mary La Rocque


Mary is our shrewd Treasurer.

Katie Kumbar


Katie is our detail-oriented Secretary.

Maomao Hu


Maomao is responsible for all the faults of this website. His primary tools for website development are an ancient runed mithril hammer and an axe made with the latest of Adamantium metalworking technology. He exclusively drinks Mountain Dew mixed with Hawaiian Punch. A 5 minute dance with Maomao has been found to have the same effect as a 45-minute cardio session. If you happen to be looking for a designer for posters, websites, journals or an advertising campaign you can always get in contact. He wrote these bios, and clearly didn't bother to write bios for anyone else.