E-Board Officers 2012-2013

Roy Graham

Roy Graham is our wonderful president. He has the unenviable job of managing the cumbersome organization that is the NYU Swing Dance Society and the hordes of adoring women that come with it. Roy is classified as a WMD by the US government for his ability to make all women within 50 miles combust with ecstasy. His dancing is like a German rollercoaster in that it has thumping lows, thrilling highs and is always in time. When he is not dancing, which is rare, he enjoys a good game of Dungeons and Dragons and playing the ukelele. You can get in touch here.

Therese Miranda

Vice President

Therese is second in command to what is commonly regarded as the world's second most influential organization, after the Cookies and Coloring Club. With great power comes great responsibility, and of course by that I mean responsibility to look good on the dance floor. Therese has no worries in this area, as many of the most popular lindy hop moves ever invented took inspiration from when she brushes her teeth. Even Brownian particles move in eight-beats when she's around.

Sam Anthony


Sam is responsible for taking money from you. She will probably do this when you least expect it, like the moment right when you're about to enjoy a generous spoonful of rice pudding after a hard day's work. That's when she'll strike. Her dancing is just as full of surprises, except of the pleasant kind instead. Each dance is like opening a box of chocolates, where you won't know what you'll get but you can be damn sure it will be smooth and sweet. Except it won't make you fat.

Kevin Zhang


Kevin is responsible for being organized. Fortunately for us all Kevin has a real gift with words and numbers that is the envy of writers, mathmeticians and money launderers everywhere. A few of his lab reports were enough for him to be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, for whenever he puts pen to paper he crafts poetry of the most exquisite order. And whenever he dances the same poetry flows through, from the tips of his fingertips to the steps on the dance floor.

Maomao Hu


Maomao is responsible for all the faults of this website. His primary tools for website development are an ancient runed mithril hammer and an axe made with the latest of Adamantium metalworking technology. He exclusively drinks Mountain Dew mixed with Hawaiian Punch. A 5 minute dance with Maomao has been found to have the same effect as a 45-minute cardio session. If you happen to be looking for a designer for posters, websites, journals or an advertising campaign you can always get in contact. He wrote these bios, and if that isn't sufficient qualification to write your marketing plan he fails to fathom what is.