Students of African Descent Alliance (SADA)

Mission Statement

The Students of African Descent Alliance at the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at New York University aims to enhance the educational and social experience of students of African descent by providing—forums for academic, professional and social development as well as service, support and social networks that build community and offer opportunities to exchange ideas and resources.

Goals for 2006-2007

1. To develop a relevant program for the 2006-2007 academic year that aims to engage students of African descent, as well as the entire Wagner and NYU Community.

2. To outreach and form alliances with student groups at Wagner; within the University system and at other schools of public service in the New York City area, thereby expanding community.

3. Increase the attendance of students of African descent at all SADA events by 50%.

4. Establish a forum for students of African descent to voice their concerns about issues within the NYU system and in Wagner.

5. Create methods/means to cultivate opportunities for leadership development within the confines of the SADA organization.

6. Enhance image of SADA within Wagner and throughout NYU System.

7. To establish and set parameters for updating an Alumni Database of Wagner Graduates of African Descent.