When will I receive registration materials?

Please note that the packets WILL NOT be mailed but will only be sent via email. Please read ALL materials in the email, as they include vital information for you and for your continuing academic career. A calendar will be included as well as information about any special courses that may be offered. You will also see a copy of your curriculum which you should review to be sure you are on track and can plan ahead. Please also read carefully the notice about pre-requisites. This is very important and will ensure a smooth registration process.

What do I need to do before I submit my registration?

Before you submit your registration materials, you may want to speak to your advisor to review your course of study and to ask any questions about planning your schedule. However, please understand that your advisor may or may not be the one that reviews your registration request. All requests are submitted into a queue and are reviewed on a first come- first serve basis. Your advisor can not jump the queue to put your requests in before the queue or to put you on a waiting list before your request is reviewed. You must remember to have all blocks cleared before you submit your registration. All medical holds (MMR, Meningitis) or financial holds will block your registration. We CAN NOT review your requests until all holds are released and you will not be able to have spots reserved while you have these holds. Students who have completed their Certificates and are planning to continue onto the Master’s program must submit their completed application before they can submit their requests. No spaces may be held for students if an application is not submitted.

How do I submit my registration requests?

Students should fax in their requests to our fax number (212-992-3686). If you email your requests to your advisor, you may delay your spot in the queue. Once your request is faxed, it is placed into a queue, again first come first serve. Advisors will review the requests and contact you if there are any questions or concerns. Otherwise, you can expect to receive your call numbers and access codes in order for you to register on ALBERT in about a week’s time. You will then take the call number and access code and register yourself on ALBERT. Once you have an access code, your spot has been reserved. If you have any issues with the access code, please reach out to the advisor who contacted you and they will investigate the problem.

What happens if my class is closed?

If a class is closed, there is a waiting list which will hold 8 students and 8 students only. You may not contact the professor to see if he or she can override you into the class. All registrations must come through this office and this office alone. Please also note that if you are placed on a waiting list, you will probably not hear if a space has opened up until a week or so before the semester starts. You will be contacted to see if you would like to alter your schedule. You will be contacted via email and via phone. Understand that if you do not respond to the email and/or phone call within 24 hours, you will lose your place in the waiting list. Please contact an advisor if you have any questions or concerns.