Global Real Estate Group

Over the past few years, real estate professionals have increasingly expanded their businesses beyond their core markets, resulting in ventures that cross countries, continents and cultures. We acknowledge that real estate is a global business, not just geographically but also in terms of discipline and profession. Therefore, we welcome and encourage students, faculty, alumni and seasoned professionals from synergetic backgrounds to take part in our group and look beyond the borders of their own countries and professions.

Our goal is to enhance awareness of global real estate trends and to create a forum in which members can converse and share ideas, both academic and professional, thereby providing tools and resources that will position them for success in the global real estate business.

Market-specific sub-groups

Our sub-groups are responsible for all initiatives and activities corresponding to a specific market. If you would like to learn more or feel you can help expand the exposure to a specific market, feel free to contact us.


Speaker events
We believe one of the main ways to enhance exposure to the global markets is to facilitate a platform for guest speakers from around the world and/or with significant exposure to various markets. Our speakers cover the following topics:
* Global investments and strategies
* Advantages and disadvantages for occupiers/investors in foreign markets, relating in particular the US investor
* Barriers of entry into new global markets
* Bridging the cultural gap

Social & networking events
Our social events serve as a platform for creating and expanding a network of contacts from markets around the world. We believe that the global market is affected by related professions as well, and this is reflected in the fact that our social events will typically attract students and alumni from schools other than the Schack Institute, allowing for a fully rounded opportunity of global networking.

International curriculum
The exposure to related international academic curricula is key to forming a global experience for the students of the Schack Institute. We strive to work with faculty and administration to enhance the variety and content of international market related courses and workshops. The members of the Global Real Estate Group may contribute by facilitating academic cooperation with foreign universities, introducing initiatives for new global courses, utilizing global contacts and more.

Global outreach
The Global Real Estate Group works to promote and sponsor the participation of students in global conferences (MIPIM, Cityscape), company visits and overseas trips.


Please feel free to contact us with questions and comments about the group. New participants are welcome!