The Entrepreneur and Investors Group

The mission of the Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Group (EIG) is to create a forum whereby entrepreneurial-minded students, faculty, and alumni within the NYU community can interact with seasoned professionals who are willing to share business experiences and discuss practical knowledge and ideas on how to start and develop a high-growth real estate firm in various disciplines including development, financing & investments (i.e. private equity), asset management, and/or construction management. Our goal is to encourage entrepreneurship in real estate and offer aspiring entrepreneurs with tools and resources that will best position them for success in the industry.


Speaker Presentations

Attend educational lecture series from industry leaders to supplement classroom theory with real-world perspective. Presentations consist of:

* Investors discussing their investment strategy & philosophy
* Developers detailing the entire development process of specific projects
* Financiers advising on obtaining financing and their optimal criteria for allocating capital
* Real estate attorneys demonstrating mock closings & negotiations and discussing key issues
* Accountants discussing key real estate tax issues and strategies

Skill-Building Workshops

Participate in interactive workshops to learn essential skills, such as sourcing & raising capital and structuring & managing your own firm.

Entrepreneur Consulting

Apply your education and gain valuable real-world experience by providing consulting to real estate entrepreneurs in areas such as financial modeling, market research, and strategy.

EIG Toastmasters

Develop and sharpen your public speaking, leadership, and persuasion skills in peer-critiqued presentations geared towards specific audiences such as investors, zoning/planning boards, and community groups.

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