About Us

REISA is the officially recognized student organization established by the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate, which operates under the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS). Our membership is comprised of all graduate and certificate-level students currently enrolled in the Real Estate and Construction Management programs.

Our mission includes:

* Representing the interests of the student population
* Enhancing the effectiveness of the educational process
* Providing opportunities for professional growth
* Improving the quality of academic life at the Schack Institute
* Participating in service activities that enhance the community

To achieve our mission we are committed to:

* Providing dedicated leadership, vision and motivation for our members
* Encouraging the active participation by all our members and promoting fellowship
* Sharing information and educational resources specific to the real estate profession
* Conducting extracurricular activities that enhance knowledge gained in the classroom

Our activities will include:

* Organizing lectures and presentations involving prominent industry leaders
* Sponsoring events that enhance our members' professional knowledge and competence
* Promoting social interaction between our students, alumni, faculty and administrators
* Conducting tours of major properties within the New York metropolitan area
* Participating in university-wide events that further our members' educational goals
* Cooperating with other organizations with similar interests and purposes