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The mission of Project Sunshine @ NYU is to provide services to children with long-term illnesses and disabilities along with their families in the New York City area. Project Sunshine strives to create programs that educate and entertain in order to give children and their families the opportunity to leave the monotony of treatment.


Project Sunshine @ NYU provides several on campus and off campus events for children such as the following:

~ Assemble arts and crafts kits for children.
~ Create Surgery Dolls ("surgi dolls") to help quell children's fear before going into surgery.
~ Organize holiday parties at local hospitals.
~ We also maintain weekly hospital visits where volunteers can do arts and crafts with children.
   Weekly visits are held at the following hospitals:
    -- Hospital for Joint Diseases
    -- Lincoln Medical Center


Simple! All you have to do is fill out the online information form and we will add you to the mailing list where you can receive more information about future events and meetings or you can stop by during a general meeting and fill out an information form.

If you wish to come along with us on weekly hospital visits, you will be required to attend a hospital training session.


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Hospital Visit/Off Campus Event
On Campus Event

* Notes: All General Meetings are open to the entire NYU community. Due to limited space and high demand, most events, including weekly hospital visits, require members to RSVP to attend. Specific event details are e-mailed to members several weeks in advance.
+ Notes: If you would like to attend Beth Israel Visits, there is an application process required by Beth Israel. Upon completion you will be able to begin visits. Also keep in mind that it will be a regular commitment and you may schedule your own visitation hours within the alotted time frame.

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