FALL 2011 (VOL. IX):

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FALL 2010 (VOL. VII):

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SPRING 2010 (VOL. VI):

Editors' Note
Remarks on National Intelligence (Dennis Blair)
Obama's Opening Gambit (Michael Doran).
Satisfaction Revealed: An Evaluation of Non-Response in the Afrobarometer Survey (Sarah Weltman)
From 'Massive Retalliation' to 'Flexible Response': Robert McNamara at the Pentagon (Samuel Joseph Kessler)
U.S. Foreign Aid and Secularism in the Islamic Middle East and North Africa (Vadim Glukhovsky)
Selectorate Theory, IMF Programs, and Controlling Physician Brain Drain in Africa (Anna Tarrant)
Trade Linkage Policy Applied: U.S.-Latin America (Claudia Perez Pellicer)
Urban Geography: Defining a Target for Hate? (Angela Zhu)
Lost Between Parallel Worlds: Finding Equality in Kosovo with Decentralization (Tess Manning)
Notes on the Contributors.

SPRING 2009 (VOL. V):

Editors' Note.
Will Afghanistan be Obama's Iraq? (Robert Shrum).
The Politics That Power Clean Energy (Paloma White).
The Effect of Investment in Education on Child Labor (Craig Stalzer).
Africa and Injustice in Times of Transition (Lisa Kitagawa).
Communism and Trust (Lenny Traps).
Corporate Governance in Theory and Practice (Simon Franzini).
Status Anxiety and the Role of Incentives (SunJeong Lee).
Natural Resources: Unavoidable Curse or Manageable Asset? (Emily Leveille).
Gas Politics Between Russia and the EU (Spencer Gilbert).
Does World Bank Involvement Cause Political Unrest (Alice Hsieh).
Notes on the Contributors.

FALL 2008 (VOL. IV):

PDF (entire Journal in one document; 1.2 MB).

Editors' Note.
An Interview with Michael Waldman (Conducted by Michelle Huang).
The Effect of the Refugee Experience on Terrorist Activity (Amanda Ekey).
The Effects of Ethnic Commonality on the Decision to Intervene (Michael Arthus).
The Power of a People Divided (Katherine Harrison).
The U.S. Use of Force in Afghanistan: A Study of Its Legality (Alexander Arnold).
Democracy and the Duration of Peace After Civil War (Michael Leigh).
Towards a More Comprehensive DDR (Daniel Barker).
Combating Global Climate Change and Enabling Rural Transformation (Ashwini Srinivasamohan).
Notes on the Contributors.


PDF (entire Journal in one document; 1.2 MB).

Table of Contents.
Editors' Note.
Leadership for International Education (John Brademas).
Realizing Democracy (James Traub).
A New Hope? How Remittances are Reshaping the Future of the Third World (Selwyn Chu).
The Balancing Act in Conflict Resolution (Lisa Kitagawa).
The Relationship Between Trade Liberalization and Human Rights (Sanjiv Dhodapkar).
Democracy and Educational Attainment (Rohit Mallick).
The Effect of Religiosity on Income Inequality (Priyanka Palani).
Internal Conflict in Small Developing States (Sidhant Rao).
The Validity of Rogue State Politics (Sang Joon Kim).
American Image: The Effect of U.S. Film Exports on Anti-Americanism (Stefanie Woodburn).
Rentierism and Repression (Christopher Lotz).
Notes on the Contributors.

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