The Journal of Politics & International Affairs was founded in 2005 by Santosh Sateesh, Jan Messerschmidt, and Riazul Islam. The inaugural pundit article was written by NYU President John Sexton.

In 2007, the Journal of Politics & International Affairs merged with the International Relations Department's Undergraduate Journal of Politics and International Affairs.

The current editorial board and staff of the Journal for the Fall 2011 semester:

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: SOPHIA HOUSE: Sophie is a CAS senior pursuing a major in economics. Her academic interests focus on economic disparities in health and public policy, particularly poverty, homelessness, nutrition, and housing policy. Sophie likes flexing her grammatical muscles as a word nerd at the Journal. She also enjoys babysitting, Scrabble, Wiffle ball, and the New Yorker. You can contact her at

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: RATHNA RAMAMURTHI: Rathna is a GSAS student pursuing an M.A. in International Affairs. She graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Politics and Psychology with a minor in Spanish in May 2011. Her professional interests are in human rights, intergroup relations, and access to justice in developing nations. In addition to the Journal, Rathna also enjoys being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and playing poker. You can contact her at

CHIEF OF PRODUCTION: LEE LOECHLER: Lee is a senior at Tisch studying Film and Television, with a minor in Computer Applications. He hopes to pursue a career in the film industry, and then maybe grow up. He enjoys playing the guitar, and (re)watching Pixar movies. You can contact him at

CHIEF OF PRODUCTION: JAMES CARR: A sophomore in the College of Arts and Science, Jimmy is majoring in both Journalism and War Studies, a self-designed honors major. He is also minoring in Arabic. Jimmy reads incessantly, sleeps little, drinks black coffee by the superventi, and is currently an editor-in-chief of FiddleWiDth, a student culture magazine. In the past, he has interned with and worked with former TV journalists. After graduation, Jimmy plans to work as a foreign correspondent specializing in conflict zones. You can contact him at

EDTIOR AND EVENT COORDINATOR: MARY JANE AJODAH: Mary Jane Ajodah is a sophomore in CAS studying International Relations with an anticipated minor in Producing. She has previously interned for Leopard Films USA as a Production Assistant, and has also worked for NJ State Assemblyman Jon Bramnick. She eventually hopes to write, direct, and produce feature films with a broad international appeal. In her spare time, Mary Jane likes to explore NYC by foot and sample cheeses. Her spirit animal is the Cow. You can contact her at

EDITOR AND OUTREACH COORDINATOR: JENNIFER BARRON: Jen is a CAS sophomore with academic interests in Economic Policy and Political Science.  Her career aspirations thus far involve policy making and lobbying. In her free time, she enjoys photography and roaming from gallery to gallery in Chelsea, as well as listening to music and reading The Economist. You can contact her at

EDITOR: ELIZABETH DANA: Liz is studying Journalism and Politics in CAS while trying to ignore everyone who tells her she's crazy for wanting to be a writer. She enjoys yoga, travel, listening to NPR, and being from the Midwest. You can contact her at

EDITOR AND TREASURER: SUSANNAH GRIFFEE: Susannah is a CAS sophomore planning to double major in Journalism and Politics. Originally from Memphis, TN, she enjoys exploring New York City, going to museums and concerts, reading The New York Times, and running along the Hudson River. She also works as a political columnist for The Washington Square News. You can contact her at

EDITOR: SAHIL SHARMA: Sahil is a senior in CAS, majoring in Politics and Psychology. She plans to attend law school and engage in high impact gender equality litigation. She also enjoys dancing and eating Thai food. You can contact her at

EDITOR: BRYAN ZUBAY: Bryan is a junior in the College of Arts and Science majoring in economics with interests in international politics, English, and the Middle East. A native Texan (not interested in seceding), he enjoys playing the clarinet, reading Kurt Vonnegut books, listening to talk radio, and traveling. He currently serves as the Career and Academic Development Chair for the International Relations Society. You can contact him at

STAFF MEMBER: DEVIKA M. BALARAM: Devika is a junior in CAS studying Economics and French. She is interested in issues of economic empowerment and the enforceability of international law.  Devika is the Chief of Staff of NYU’s Model United Nation’s Conference. Originally from South India but raised in Boston and Princeton Junction, she loves libraries, postcolonial literature, Carnatic music, and the New England Patriots. You can contact her at

STAFF MEMBER: ERICA LI: Erica is a sophomore in CAS studying Politics with a minor in Chinese. She loves studying international law, specifically human rights, disputed territories, and the use of force.  Outside of school, she enjoys working with refugees as an intern at the International Rescue Committee as well as teaching high school students about international affairs through the International Model United Nations Association. In her spare time, she likes going to concerts, visiting farmers markets, and exploring New York. You can contact her at

STAFF MEMBER: IAN MANLEY: Ian is a freshman in CAS planning to major in International Relations.  He plans to study Economics and History while learning several foreign languages.  His favorite book is Hamlet, simply for the witty word play. He enjoys camping and the outdoors as a respite from the beloved city life.  You can find him playing Ultimate Frisbee at Pier 40 or contact him at

STAFF MEMBER: Kristi Philips: Kristi is GSAS student in the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2011 with Bachelors degrees in economics and Spanish. Her research interests focus on the role of educational policy in Latin American development. Kristi works as the Latin American Studies collections assistant at the NYU library and as a camping expert at REI.  She enjoys international travel, hiking Colorado 14ers with her dad, and training for marathons and triathlons.  You can contact her at

STAFF MEMBER: Maggie Schultz: Maggie is a sophomore in Steinhardt studying Media, Culture, and Communications with a minor in Politics. After graduation she intends on working in diplomacy and travelling as much as she possibly can. She enjoys learning new languages, watching the Colbert Report and Daily Show, walking dogs and eating sushi. You can contact her at