Weekly meetings this year are in Kimmel on Tuesdays at 8:30pm. The rooms will change. Click here for the complete list of rooms.

The next meeting is 3/27 in Kimmel 904

February 13, 2007 Kimmel 904

Because of the icy weather, we kept this meeting short. The updates are as follows:

January 30, 2007 Kimmel 912

1. Electronics Recycling

2. Kichwa community on Eco-tourism 3. is looking for writers. If you're interested, go to the website.

4. Hiking

5. Movies 6. Next week, on Tuesday, February 6, Alev will be meeting with everyone interested in helping with Enviro Ed. at 7pm on the 7th floor of Kimmel. Come and help make costumes and discuss plans.

7. Earthweek (April 19 - 27)

8. Botanical Garden Trip 9. Next week we won't have our regular meeting because we will be showing the movie at our regularly scheduled meeting time (8:30pm). The room is 808.

January 23, 2007 Kimmel 912

Here are the minutes from the meeting:

1. The Sierra Club is letting us use their movies and we will be watching one or two of them every other week during our meeting time.

2. There is a Food Advisory meeting Wed 1/24 in the Kimmel Center. If you're interested, check it out.

3. Hiking Trips

4. Biking 5. Electronics recycling tentatively scheduled for March 1st

6. Enviro Ed: Help make costumes with Alev on February 6th before the Earth Matters meeting. 7pm on the 7th floor of Kimmel

7. Ask professors if they would like to give a lecture for Intro to Earth. They would speak for an hour about their subject and how it relates to the environment.

8. Botanical Gardens- either Brooklyn or NYC

9. We will be planning Earth Week at next week's meeting.

January 16, 2007 Kimmel 912

An excellent start to the always exciting spring! We had many new faces, and a bunch of really exciting ideas.

We are finally going to get on track with Envro Ed. We will be creating a lesson plan on the water cycle where the students will dress up and act out the parts in the water cycle. So students will dress up as raindrops, clouds, lakes, etc to actively learn in a fun way. We have a few afterschool programs and teachers that we are looking at to work with.

From last semester, we look to continue our successful electronics recycling, free swap and hiking events. We may even try to do real camping!

This spring we will also be connecting with George Reis and the NYU Garden Shop to help make the campus beautiful. So if you are interested in the gardening stuff be sure to pay attention for updates as spring approaches.

On the advocacy side, the issues that we are looking to focus on are green roofs, fair trade and organic coffee, promoting biking, and reusing your bags or coffee mugs. These are all very worth while, and things that the NYU community needs to know about.

AND REMEMBER! We will be having Earth Week!

And congrats to Brittany, who will be our new secretary this spring because Helen has graduated.