About Earth Matters

is the premier outreach club at NYU dedicated to issues of the environment and sustainability. We blend events on campus or workshops in the community with activist campaigns in coordination with national organizations. The group is open to all and everyone is welcome to attend our meetings and start doing great things. In fact, come to our next meeting. And snack with the club as we celebrate the urban environmental movement!

EM has had a long and distinguished history. To read about some of the things that we have been involved in click here.

To contact us about an event, possible co-sponsorship, event idea, or just a random question, email us at:

If you would like to reach us the old fashioned way mail us here:
Earth Matters
60 Washington Square South, 7th floor
New York, NY 10012

2 0 0 7 - 2 0 0 8

President Julie Goodness
Vice President Maggie Craig
Treasurer Samantha Caravello
Secretary Molly Anderson
PR Chair Alex Neinast

2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 7

President Marc Brodeur
Vice President Elizabeth Shramko
Treasurer Alev Atalay
Secretary Helen Kurkjian (fall) Brittany Osman (spring)

2 0 0 5 - 2 0 0 6

President Casey Selwyn
Vice President Ariele Affigne
Treasurer Rachel Danna
Secretary Julie Goodness

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