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In line with the universityís five-year strategic plan, there is an interest in extending the values of NYU to the larger community and building connections with the public schools. The NYU team does its part to support this mission by extending debate in both argument and population. Efforts are made to welcome and include novice debaters from every college within the university.

Historically, NYU students also committed to looking beyond their own needs and helping others. When the IMPACT Coalition and the Open Society Institute founded the New York Urban Debate League, NYU was the site of their first local training workshop. NYU debaters volunteered hours at some of NYís most challenged schools transforming students without hope into debaters with self-esteem and visions for a positive future. When Garner & Gorelick won their national championship, they were also honored as top volunteers for service to the community dispelling the myth that the two traded off with each other.

Team members volunteer time as coaches and judges for the New York Urban Debate League (NYUDL), the JPMorgan Chase Lincoln Douglas Debates and the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute. They also participated in community initiatives that make debate accessible for prison populations; community based organizations, and elder care centers. All of these programs are under the umbrella of the debate teamís main partner, the IMPACT Coalition, a mentoring and educational development organization that expands opportunities for urban students, schools and organizational partners by providing debate training, literacy assistance, curricula, and mentoring services to develop informed, concerned citizens.

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