Dear Friends,

The Executive Board of Black Family Reunion at New York University would like to welcome all of our old members back and invite all freshmen and transfer students to check us out and see if we are the type of student organization you are looking to get involved with. Over the past three years, BFR has worked hard to stand itself upright and start walking, so to speak. From the beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on our commitment to creating and maintaining meaningful ties to the black communities around us - Harlem has been the main area, so far.

At the center of our mission has been the desire to stretch the resources we have at our finger tips, simply by virtue of being NYU students, to the fingertips of NYC youth, so that our privilege and success might contribute to theirs.

Last year was the culmination of all this work, when we received all-square status and became an official, registered club on campus. We were able to fund more of our trademark workshops, where we use games, exercises and discussion to vibe with area teens on various hot topics and issues of concern to the black community, in general, and black youth in particular. In honor of African Heritage Month, we held NYU’s first ever Tracing Your Roots workshop, where we invited professional genealogists to give a presentation on how to go about piecing together family histories back through slavery and beyond. We orchestrated a trip to Yale University’s Black Solidarity Conference, where NYU students were able to network with sistahs and brothas from schools around the country, share experiences and brainstorm on how to tackle situations we all face. Last year’s crowning achievement was The 2nd Annual Night Under the Stars charity gala, where we worked alongside Caribbean Students Association and NAACP @ NYU to raise money for the CityKids Foundation, here in NYC.We enjoyed all this alongside our Harlem members, as well as purely fun stuff, like bowling, skating and spades tournaments.

All in all, our first year as an all-square club was phenomenal. We established lasting relationships and BFR traditions, and we can’t wait to show you what’s up our sleeve for the 2001-2002 school year. Old and new members, alike, can expect new workshops on hot topics, more trips to various events throughout NYC and surrounding states, a 3rd Annual "Night Under the Stars," more activities put together solely for the purpose of having fun and totally devoid of any intellectual value (J), and more…

So, take your time cruisin’ thru the rest of the site and, hopefully, we’ll see you at our events.

The Fam