NYU Club Anime
Hi! Welcome to the NYU Club Anime homepage, version 3.1. Please note, some things are still under construction! Please bear with us as we make changes!

Who are we?

This is the official website for the NYU Anime Club. Here, you will find basic information about the club, its history, previously watched anime, future anime, and other great features. Both NYU students as well as non-NYU students are welcomed to join us each Thursday unless stated otherwise. For those who are non-NYU students, you will have to sign-in with the security before being given access to the room we will be meeting. While you wait for our meeting days to arrive, you are welcomed to explore this website to your hearts content. Enjoy!


We will be having an unofficial meetingĀ at KIMMEL ROOM 908 on 9/6! This is an unofficial first meeting, since our flyers do say that the first meeting is 9/13. However, you will get the down-low on the NYCC tickets, as well as the opportunity to ask our President, Fei, any questions whatsoever. And to do icebreakers and stuff. We do ask that you eat beforehand, or afterwards, whichever you prefer, since we'll probably only have drinks available.

This week...

We hope you had a good summer break!! Join us at our unnoficial meeting or at our first official meeting! If you can't make it, visit us on the forums or check out our Facebook Page :)

About us!

We are currently the only club in the New York Unversity campus to hold regular meetings to display the latest and best anime coming from parts of Asia, especially Japan. Our purpose and promise to our members is to educate the academic environment by providing an appreciation of anime, manga, and asian video games as art forms. In addition, we hope to bring awareness and understanding of both the Japanese and Asian cultures overall.

We host events~

This year, we hope to bring back karaoke night, restaurant night, game night, and hentai dub night... For more details on these events, or to suggest some events, please visit our forums!

Get on our mailing list!

Approximately two days before each meeting, the secretary of the club will always send out a message to everyone who has subscribed to the club's mailing list. Each message will remind members of where the next meeting will take place. However, if you want great details and links that our members will surely enjoy, then look around both our website and in our forum. Otherwise, if you are interested in joining the mailing list please click here. If you have further questions or comments, feel free to contact any of the club's E-Board members by heading to the Executive Board page and emailing them.