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Janna Sweenie, M.A.


Steinhardt School
of Culture, Education
and Human Development

Department of Applied
Psychological Studies

New York University

82 Washington Sq. East
New York, NY  10003




Welcome to the official New York University website for Janna M. Sweenie's ASL@NYU courses. 

Professor Sweenie's book on Deafness and American Sign Language is published Picture Yourself Learning Mac OS X 10.5 Leopardby Cengage Learning and is titled: Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1.

Written with co-author David W. Boles, Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1 provides a new and innovative way of teaching ASL using images, rubrics, full motion video and other creative learning methods.

Every sign and every phrase and vocabulary word found in the book will be demonstrated on the DVD bundled with the book.

You will be able to watch Janna Sweenie sign with you and lead you into understanding Deaf memes, educational norms and cultural advances.

Janna Sweenie was born Deaf in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

She is a proud graduate of the Iowa School for the Deaf.

Her American Sign Language portal Hardcore ASL is now live and her sosASL.com site is now open to help emergency facilitation between the Deaf and emergency police, fire and medical first responders. Hand Jive Book Cover!

Professor Sweenie's other book ASL book is Hand Jive: American Sign Language for Real Life -- published by Barnes & Noble -- and was also co-written with her polymathic husband, David W. Boles, MFA.

Janna Sweenie has been teaching American Sign Language levels 1-4 at NYU in the Department of Applied Psychological Studies for over 17 years.

Professor Sweenie's B.A. in Psychology is from City University of New York-Lehman and her M.A. in Deafness Rehabilitation is from New York University.

Janna has taught ASL at La Guardia Community College in New York City and Montclair State University in New Jersey as well as The College of New Rochelle in the Bronx's Co-Op City and Catholic Charities in Brooklyn. 

Janna Sweenie has been teaching American Sign Language for over 30 years in New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Nebraska, Washington, D.C. and Iowa.

Squirrel in ASL by Janna M. Sweenie and David W. BolesVampire in ASL by Janna M. Sweenie and David W. BolesTaste in ASL by Janna M. Sweeie and David W. Boles


  • SCPI - Rated "Superior Plus" for American Sign Language on 9/04/02 by the Lexington Center in New York City

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