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scales Assessment Resources

Venessa A. Keesler, Baranda J. Fermin, and Barbara Schneider conducted an assessment of the curriculum developed by the American Sociological Association Task Force when it was taught at one large midwestern state university (in Teaching Sociology, October 2008).

Venessa A. Keesler developed a Critical Thinking Test in Sociology.

Other Useful References in Assessment Include

Creating an Effective Assessment Plan for the Sociology Major, the report of the American Sociological Association Task Force on Assessing the Undergraduate Sociology Major.  Available from the ASA Bookstore.

Hohm, Charles F. and William S. Johnson. 2001. Assessing Student Learning in Sociology. Washington, DC: American Sociological Association.

Special Issue of Teaching Sociology, edited by Bruce Keith. Vol. 30, No. 4, Oct., 2002. "Teaching Sociology with a Purpose: Issues in Curriculum Design and Assessment."

Wagenaar, Theodore C. 2004. "Assessing Sociological Knowledge: A First Try." Teaching Sociology 32: 232-238.

Weiss, Gregory L., Janet R. Cosbey, Shelly K. Habel, Chad M. Hanson, and Carolee Larsen. 2002. "Improving the Assessment of Student Learning: Advancing a Research Agenda in Sociology." Teaching Sociology 30:63-79.