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Lesson Plan: Causes and Consequences

of Social Change

by Margaret Andersen, University of Delaware


I. Learning Objective(s)

Identifying major technological changes and their influence on society.

II. Rationale for Objectives

Shows how everyday behavior is linked to macro-level social change.

III. Materials/Time

Materials: No special materials are needed.

Time: One day or one week

IV. Procedures


        (1) Introduction

1. Ask students to identify all of the technological devices that they use on a daily basis.

        (2) Activity

Have students try to live for a period of time (one day or one week) without the use of certain technological developments (i.e., television, the web, microwave ovens, cell phones (or any phone). Have them keep a list of how the absence of such technology alters their behavior and their relationships with others.

        (3) Discussion

At the conclusion of the exercise, have them reflect on how technological change changes social relationships and society.

V. Evaluation/Assignment

Students can write papers on the influence of technology on everyday life. How has this changed over time? What further changes might they predict?