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In the space provided below draw a map of the campus. Provide as much detail in the map as time allows. Do not concern yourself with the artiness of your sketch; just try your best to make it as complete and accurate as you can. Be sure to label buildings, streets, landmarks, and other features. The time for this exercise is 10 minutes. Do not exceed the time limit but do as much as you can with it.

































When you have completed your map, exchange it with another student. In the space provided below answer the following questions: What features did she or he include that you omitted? Was their map distorted in any way, making some places larger or more prominent than they actually are? Were any features diminished or given less emphasis or detail than the actual circumstances would indicate? What reasons can you think of for these differences in perception? Why is the same physical reality experienced differently by different people? What sociological variables might influence this difference in perception-future occupation, gender, age?




































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