Welcome to my home page. My wife, Karen Lee Hackett, is a software program manager at the New York Genome Center. My elder daughter, Rachel, doesn't believe in home pages. She graduated from Brown (magna cum laude said the proud father) and finished her M.Div at Union Theological Seminary in New York and just returned to New York after working in East Africa as a consultant for several years. She is happily married and living in Harlem; she works for the International Rescue Committee. Nicolas (Nico) Falcon, my first grandchild, now has a sister, Ella Skye, who has precociously shown both her interest in caffeine and her disdain for that dispensed by chain stores).

Grace Elizabeth was born December 16, 1996. She cleverly learned to smile at an early age! Now that she is 19!) it is harder to take pictures of her. She is finishing her first year at Sarah Lawrence College, where she appreciates its not having majors and its conference system.

We moved to Greenwich Village in Sept. 2003 and have been having a wonderful time in the city (New York, New York, a helluva town ...). Here is our view east view (we see all three bridges, but this one just shows the Williamsburg Bridge) and north. Silver Towers doesn't look that bad and not everyone in the city has so much green and their own Picasso Sylvette.

I am a professor in the Department of Politics at NYU.

The best link to my current papers (and cv) is through my NYU home page.

Some useful professional links:

My email is nathaniel.beck [AT[ nyu.edu My physical location is 19 W. 4th St., New York, NY 10012. I do not use landlines.

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