Twas the middle of the semester, halfway through the course

I was writing a paper and citing a source.
The washer was loaded and the dryer was on,

In hopes that the laundry soon would be gone.

The kids were upstairs all comfy in bed
With no worry that mom was working ahead.
My spouse was relaxing, watching ESPN

For it wasn’t that late, just a quarter to ten.

When out from the kitchen there arose such a clatter,

I raced from the computer to see what was the matter.
Away to the kitchen, I ran like a flash,
Tore open the oven before the cookies were ash!

The smell was consuming, I devoured just two.

Now back to the computer to continue.

Attending class in my jammies, how could I dare?

Well, in virtual school there is no one to care.

With my Bluetooth mouse so handy and quick,

I perused through e-journals, it really is slick.

More than ten thousand hits so quickly they came,

From so many sources, no titles the same.

Now paste! Now copy! Now save and print!

What font? What size? Choose a color, what tint?

To the top of the document, APA what a ball!.

Add pagination! Spell check! Double space all!

Log on to the course site, much work to be done.

Don’t surf the web, you’ll be up with the sun.

Sit back, watch the powerpoint and then take the quiz,

Take a stretch, check the clock, getting late gee whiz!

Scholars in the east and I in the west,

We all asynchronously do our best.

Now onto discussion board, there is a new thread.

My east coast classmates are awake I dread!

By all means I will add a comment or two,

Proper punctuation, good words, Thesaurus will do.

Their remarks are thorough, some amusing, some trite.

I will review and respond, always polite.

The hours had passed, I worked diligently with ease.

Assignment is finished, save, submit please!

Turn off the laptop and close it tight,

Merry studies to all, and to all a good night!


Kathleen Huun

Author (brief biography)

Kathleen Huun, Ph.D. is currently the distance education faculty for the high-acuity nursing course at Indiana State University. Prior to this she had been teaching in the area of textile science and design for many years. Prior published works include a historical, semiotic analysis of the ubiquitous necktie and historical aspects, transitions and ambiguities in the gender coding of infant wear and children’s clothing.