A one-sentence poem on creativity by Dr. Julia Keefer, (copyright October 2013, )first read at the Screen Actors Guild Nature of Creativity conference which she moderated on October 23, 2013 in New York at the Baruch CUNY Theater.

Creativity is play, purge, pain, pleasure, perseverance, poetic license, passion for a purpose, proof of God, Promethean and preservationist, portraying personalities without pride or prejudice, punched and pummeled as a punch-drunk, percussive, provocative, and pertinent as popcorn, panoramic, painted, pretty, and petrifying as a pumpkin, or prolonged, patient, and patterned as a piano, rarely polite, proper, persnickety, prudent, perfectionist, preppy, or Puritanical; not too possessive--no prophylactics---pure promiscuous prowess, with a pinch of the pernicious, poisonous, and perilous to puncture problems and puzzles with a plethora of perspiration and persuasion in the pursuit of perpetuity with the profound prayers of a pilgrimage, 1) avoiding a prison, purgatory, or pyre that prolongs the punishing proscenium that parts the profligate performers and pushovers from the public or prohibits prolific publications professed as proletarian politics, profane puke, proselytizing pulpit, pedantic PhDs, or purloined prose 2) for partial progress in pursuit of a profession, 3) a promenade for progeny, 4) pulchritude to pigment a picturesque path, 5) a proud, propitious pregnancy, padded with popularity, publicity, and public relations, that promises postpartum prizes, productive purses, polished pay per views, and the pyrotechnics of perennial praise and Pulitzers as we parade through the portal of the pyramid, 6) a pix-axe to punctuate the pulse of our pericardium, or 7) a pantomime, parenthesis, or periphery that percolates and permeates into a paragon of purr-fection.