Roman Rubin as MUSTAPHA MOND Mondís Mountain Brave New World

Chapter 1

Bernard Marx.

Dear Bernard Marx,

I am having difficulty resolving the dilemma that has arisen due to this savage. He is introduced me to the notion that although people are happy, they have not been given an opportunity to truly enjoy being happy. You never appreciate being happy unless you have been unhappy. People enjoy the day but people who have never seen the day are awe-inspired when they see daylight for the first time.

Is it right for us me to impose such rules, to be cruel is to rule, to be cruel is to rule. These hypnotic suggestions are getting to me. Shakespeare was a great writer, the motivating aspects of the Bible, of God, the God of the Savage. Ford me! What a dilemma I have put my self in.

But it is important for progress, it is important for progress. If you love Ford, you will receive a big reward. If you love Ford, you will receive a big reward.

I must lay this notion to rest, I must suppress. The savage does not understand the implications on society, the implications on the existing people. No, No, No this cannot be allowed, I will shut my mind and I will shut this cabinet with all these pagan books in it, God help us all, I mean Ford help us all.


Secretary on speaker: "Mr. Mond there is an Ms. Anais Miller here to see you."

Mond: "Very well let her, and call me back in four minutes."

Mond: "Ms. Miller please come in and sit down ---pause (Ms. Miller sits on Mondís lap).

Mond: "Ms. Miller not on my lap! There are plenty of sits" could please stop acting as if you had a weeks dose of soma ‚Why did I bring HER!! Here?

That wonderful specimen Ms. Anais Miller ‚I will have to get together with her as soon as this project of mine is done.

Continuing --- I have a dilemma that I know you can help me resolve ‚After all you are an alpha plus. You see I want people to be happy, but at the same time I must limit the knowledge that they are allowed to possess. I can not have them enjoying such things, as Shakespeare and the Holy Bible. So what I thought was that if you could write a piece of work for us that was similar to that book of yours, (ruffling papers) ‚what was it again ‚oh yes Incest.

Could you write such a book for us?

You will that is wonderful. In this way we could present a book that was before our Ford and let them see what 20th century literature was all about. Thank you Ms.Miller.

--The phone rings ---Iím sorry Ms.Miller I need to take this call, good day.

Secretary: "Mr. Mond there is a Mr. Savage here for you!"

Mond: "Excellent let him in, and we are not to be disturbed! Oh yes one more thing make sure that Ms. Miller takes no more Soma, she is absolutely bad enough without it"

Mond: "Directing the Savage to sit down"

Mond: Now that we are all settled, letís get down to business.

You have told me that you feel that it would be important to allow people to think for themselves. That poetry, and literature that was written before our Ford opened up minds and could produce a happiness unrivaled -- Well I have decided to accommodate you. Ms. Miller the women you saw leaving will write a piece of work that truly reflects the best of the past.

What do you mean it is boring, ridiculous nonsense.

I take that as a personal offense.

After all in my earlier days the book Incest that she wrote was required reading in my 20th century literature class.

Then again, it did really suck, wasnít entirely realistic, had to much sex, and basically was very similar to our Brave New World. None the less I have decided that It is important for the members to see that sex was at one time looked upon with disdain. That the Holy Bible will take away their precious soma, their wild good times, and once and for all end this pounding in my head.


(Picks up phone --) Yes what is it? Very Well!!!

Mond: It seems we have a wild man on the loose ‚ no not you Mr. Savage. Itís actually a Gamma-Minus Stumpty Humbty ‚ a.k.a Humbert Humbert. I must deal with him immediately. He was brave new experiment, he was given soma at 6 weeks rather than the usual synapse-reduction serum. I will have to deal with him immediately. We will pick this conversation up again next week.

I am having shipped from Germany a wonderful Alpha-minus Goldman sent to help us solve our complex problem, Good Ford to you.

  Narcissus and Goldman

Goldman, Goldman I have heard many wonderful things about you from Euford-Narcissus-Prussian Command. The Alpha double-plus Narcissus speaks highly of you, although you have a tendency to be well weird. So you are the perfect candidate from my perspective ‚ (writing something down and ruffling papers).

So here is the problem ‚I should probably tape this Iíve repeated it several times. This Savage of ours --have you read up on him during your helicopter trip over here. Good, so you are up to date. Well he has proposed that we allow people to think. What do you think? Before you answer I know that you have had much experience in the wilderness and that you are probably leaning towards allowing people to think. But let me ask you this, you have had many woman, you have seen people tortured, grow old, live in torment, dissatisfaction, and you have seen terrible suffering do you feel that through all of this people should be allowed to think, rather than live productive lives.

They are not bored, we have soma a wonderful tool used for relaxing the mind.

It is not used for repression, it is used for relaxation. Relaxation means a strong nation. Relaxation means a strong nation. So Goldman what do you think I should do?

Nonsense you are speaking nonsense. In order for us to attempt such a thing we would need a new wing in the Hatchery.

To the secretary: "Call Benito immediately."

I will have to talk to some people about your proposal.

Silly boy infusing anti-parkinsonian serum at the sixth week of development. Benito will have to look carefully at your proposal. Itís feasibility, and of course who of our newly created Alphas would be exposed to it. I will discuss this with another of our artist friends at Joyce-Reykjavik-Centre.

To the secretary: "Call Stephen tell him to get on the next helicopter leaving from Ireland."

So Goldman would you like to try some of our soma while we wait?

Wonderful, we will pick this up in the morning.

Goldman Fuck you, I mean Ford you.

No Exit

Mustapha Mond drugged out on Soma

There was a fucking book that was written for thinking people that said Hell is other people, no it is hell is the Brave New World. Actually hell is this blasted job. I canít take it anymore, where is the soma, fuck the soma, where is the Vodka, there is no fucken vodka in this Great (Sarcastically said) Brave New fucken world. The fucken three stooges think they have it rough I have spoken to every fucken character I can think of and I still donít know if these maggots should be allowed to read the Bible.

Get Goldman, Get me Anais, Get me Benito, Bring me the Savage, and bring me a 45 magnum, there are no 45 magnums in this fucken New World. Where is the soma. Where is the fucken soma.

Fuck Ford, I mean literally fuck him, fuck all that he has created, and fuck the hatchery for creating me.

Where the fuck is that little bastard artist. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God dies by the Nile

Hey Zakeya,

Look I have been analyzing your research project regarding mothers, fathers, and their effect on culture. I am a bit confused about this issue of clitorectomy. This process is foreign to me, and I honestly donít see its use in this society.

I would like to thank you for writing to me regarding your ideas, however THEY ARE NUTS!!!! YOU ARE NUTS!!! Find out more about Nawal el Saadawi.