Gwendolyn Rohena

Major 20th Century Writers

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NO EXIT for Lolita

Hell would be a room for the three of us 

Mother, Humbert, and Me.

In forever agony and perpetual misery

We would torcher each other for eternity.

Mother desiring Humbert Humbert

Who desperately desires me.

Mother hating me because of

His desires for me.

Yes this would be Lolita's hell

It would be Mother's hell

It would be Humbert's hell.

Nowhere to run or hide

Nowhere to sneak a peak or a peck on his cheek.

Horrible for him never to be able to express his affection for me

Nor vent his sexual energies on her.

Hell - Most definitely!

A No Exit for me for eternity

Mother, Humbert, and Me

Gwendolyn Rohena, pg 2

Lolita's God Died Long Ago

Were I to find myself in a church

Filled with holy-ghost people

And a warm and caring pastor

And Sunday School with lots of friends

Humbert would never have touched me

Were I to find myself in a church

Filled with full families and new babies

And Holy Communion on the last Sunday of the month

And Bible verses to memorize

Humbert would never have touched me

Were I to find myself in a church

Filled with embracing and welcoming arms

And lots of new Sunday outfits

And pretty hats to match those outfits

Humbert would never have touched me

But I didn't find myself in a church

Instead, it was a place where God did not exist

He must have died long ago

Long, long, long ago

Humbert touched me.

Gwendolyn Rohena, pg 3

Lolita's Brave New World

There would be test-tubes everywhere

And procreation occurring

But no one different from the other

And no one better than the other

No…No Alphas, Betas, or Gammas, and so on

We'd all be one and the same

And Fathers would be real fathers

Who acted like real fathers

(and not like lustful pseudo fathers)

And they wouldn't touch their daughters

In ways that were violating

And mothers would be real mothers

Who acted like real mothers

(and not like obligatory sitters)

And they wouldn't look for every chance

To send their children away from them

In my Brave New World

Everyone would be happy

And not because they were programmed to be

But because they sincerely were

Just happy.

Oh, and sex and intimacy, erotica and the like

Would NOT be some kindergarten game!!!

Gwendolyn Rohena,  pg 4

Lolita's Dreams

In Lolita's time

There would be reversal

And she can go back

And change things

Make things better

She would not make the mistake

Of seducing Humbert into her physique

She would love her mother

As a daughter should

She would not be rebellious

And stay out of trouble

If only she can go back

And change things…