Friendship Poetry selected by Vilma Perusina

Oath Of Friendship

Shang ya!

I want to be your friend

For ever and ever without break or decay.

When the hills are all flat

And the rivers are all dry,

When lightens and thunders in winter,

When it rains and snows in summer,

When Heaven and Earth mingle -

Not till then will I part from you.

Anonymous, China, 1st Century B.C.

by Victor Ramirez

None of us are as Young

None of us are as young

as we were. So what?

Friendship never ages.

by W.H. Auden

What is a Friend?

A friend never phones in the middle of the serial.

A friend leaves a pie on the kitchen table, a vase

of fresh flowers by the bed - and a not to

welcome you home.

A friend is the only person you will let into the house

when you are Turning Out Drawers.

A friend is the person you turn to when your

family just won't do.

A friend carries a list of books you are searching for

And you have hers.

A friend cries with you over your little dead cat.

Friends phone you at eleven at night to let you

listen to their nightingale.

by Pam Brown

by Andreas Hetfeld

A friend is a person with who I may

be sincere. Before him I may think aloud.

I am arrived at last in the presence

of a man so real and equal. that I may

drop even those undermost garments

of dissimulation, courtesy, and second

thought, which men never put off. and

may deal with him with the simplicity

and wholeness with which one

chemical atom meets another.

by Ralph Waldo Emerson


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