Haikus (Designed by Vilma Perusina)

Voruber der Frost -

wie dampft der kahle Berghang

im Fruhlingsnebel.

The frost is over -

how the barren hillside steams

in spring mist.

by Gerold Effert, Germany

Shunsui ni

hitotsu no omoi


In the waters of spring

a certain thought

flowed away.

by Sekishi Takagi, Japan

Zijn eerste brieven:

iedere schoonmaak opnieuw

overleven ze.

His first letters:

at each cleanup again

they survive.

by Wanda Reumer, The Netherlands

En la penumbra

algun secreto?

La luna nueva.

In the shadows

any secrets?

The new moon.

by Alfonso Cisneros Cox, Peru

Opada lisce.

Izranjaju skrivena

gnezda ptica.

Leaves fall.

Suddenly revealing

birds' nests.

by Vitomir Miletic, Yugoslavia


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