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Fallen Angel



The term "Devil" comes from the Greek "diabolus" which means "slanderer" or "accuser" translated from the Hebrew "Satan". The concept of the Devil has developed slowly over many centuries becoming a composite of Lucifer. The fallen angel whose pride and ego cause him to be thrown out of heaven.

In the Old Testament he plays a minor role but in the New Testament Satan becomes more personal and is the great antagonist of God as well as humans. Revelations says that Christ in his Second Coming, will bind the Devil for one thousand years at which time the Devil will reappear as the Antichrist before being destroyed.

By the Middle Ages, Satan was a real, potent being who possessed terrible supernatural powers and was intent upon destroying humans by undermining their morals.

The Devil is said to appear in many different guises in order to fool people. His most common human shame was that of a tall black man, or a tall man , often handsome, dressed in black. Black universally associated with fear, evil, the dark and chaos. The devil could also appear as a saint, the Virgin Mary, comely young women and preachers. He could appear in a multitude of animals shapes, most commonly a dog, a serpent or a goat. He also had ugly appearances: as the alleged god of the witches, he was portrayed as half human and half animal, like Pan, with horns, cloven feet, hairy legs and a tail, a huge penis, glowing eyes and Saturnine features.

The Visibility and Invisibility of Satan in a Personal Context.

My Satan, wishes to be visible at all times having a strong desire to physical needs. My Satan has a high desire for human contact, to feel the urgency to touch another person. My Satan's visibility turns to another dimension when he wants to be heard: He will whisper softly saying the things you want to hear to give himself great pleasure.

The invisible Satan is one of memory. He wants to be remembered for the things that are despicable, for the things that are embarrassing. These things are pleasurable in the invisible sense for my Satan. To be remembered for a good deed would be demoralizing for him.

"Brave New World"

Many of the concepts in Brave New World are remarkably things that exist in society. For the most part the concept of the perfect society is one that many of use would like. Think of your perfect society and what you would do to achieve it. Personalities seem to vanish. People are categorized at different levels. Police states would be even stronger. Things that seemed OK at one time r another would soon vanish. Could a world like this exist?

Many ideas from Brave New World do exist. Racism and segregation are ways of controlling and separating masses of people. What about the concept of cloning, of raising equally exact embryos until they are exact in every way is that far fetched, is it? How about brainwashing does that exist? Subliminal advertising brainwashes our population daily in a less dramatic approach than Huxley, nevertheless it's going on everyday, so this concept of Utopia it seems is not that far off. In Brave New World religion becomes only a memory for a select few at the top for the others it is unknown and a taboo. But today I think most people's religion is their momentary gratification so in a sense Utopia and Huxley's Utopia is the betrayal of science. It's scary to know with all this power we posses. If we're not careful we might create a Brave New World one that is not as kind as ours or Huxley's but much more unforgiving. You must think about those possibilities.

The Deal: A Play Featuring Roy Cohen's Payment to Satan.

The scene is a darkened hospital room. Lights shining down directly on a ravaged Roy Cohen. Darkness defines the surroundings. Nurse at his bedside, patients in the far left and the far right in the darkness.

Nurse: "You must take your meds."

Cohen: "Fuck you wench get the hell outa here!"

(Nurse runs out of the room)

Cohen: "who's there? Who's that?"

Satan: "it's me Roy, remember me?"

Cohen: "get lost asshole I have not time for bullshit"

Satan: "I love when you speak so well, fine breeding"

Cohen: "well what do you want?"

Satan: "You know what Im here for Roy...your soul...when you were a young lawyer. Remember the ambition? The success you wanted?"

Cohen: "You never helped"

Satan: "Think never lost a case. You weren't that good of a lawyer."

Cohen: "Fuck you"

Satan: "Atta boy feisty to the end...don't worry Roy I got a job for you."

Cohen: "What's that?"

Satan: "Recruitment."

Cohen: "That might work."

Satan: "You'll be starting tomorrow."

Cohen: "So I'll be dying tonight?"

Satan: "Dying is so final... let's say starting a new practice."

Cohen: "Are there perks?"

Satan: "You bet, complete decadence."

Cohen: "I think I'm going to like it down there."

Satan: " I know you will Roy...You'll feel right at home..."

A Satanic Editorial

In my interpretation I`m looking at the scope of things as Satan. This week a Broadway play premiered called Corpus Christie the primary statement is that Jesus is gay. And so are his disciples, they are recruited to believe all men are divine and the only commandment ''to exult life's pleasures "which is mainly being in a drunken stupor and to sodomize one another. Ah! Along with all of the other glitter and flair he paints a lucid picture of decadence. In the reality of life this is only a play. An expression, an artistic creation of one man. For Satan it's the best thing to come in the millennium, he can watch all of the silly humans: The Muslims marching and shouting against Terrence McNally's show. Christians, Jews, and Civil Rights Groups organized groups that threatened people going to the show, causing much chaos. The violence and confusion by just a simple play fed the fuel of hate and intolerance towards many people primarily gays. You see, sometimes Satan can just sit back and watch the show.

"Fire Down Below": A Poem.

You hear the raw

The silent screams

This is hell

You know how it should seem

It's life after death for the decadent

The people of no-morality who aren't heaven-sent

You'll burn in my pits

You'll scream in my fire

I'm Satan, the ruler of people with no moral fibre

So next time you are thinking of listening to me

Think of eternity, suffering for the service with me.

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