Joyce Ho as the Water Element

I resided in a flora shop for a while. I felt restful. I enjoyed being with my roommate, the yellow narcissus. We were in the same vast, a five-inch tall rectangle transparency glass with four little legs on each corner. The owner pulled some of my kin and kindred into me each morning. I was very happy. So did my roommate. She smiled a lot. Each of her smiles became a blossom little five petals yellow flower. She smiled everyday. Therefore, the yellow flowers were blooming perennially. The owner felt proud of her and placed her by the window.

One day, a young well-dressed lady walked by the window. She looked at the narcissus and she fell in love with it immediately. She did not hesitate to enter into the flora shop. She asked the owner as soon as she walked in, "Good morning, the yellow narcissus by the window is so beautiful. I love it very much. Would you tell me what is the price please?"

The owner replied with a satisfied smile, "Thank you for your praise. That plant is not for sale. It is for exhibition only."

There was a disappointed look on the ladyís face. She paused for a second and said, "Hum! This is a flora shop. You sell flora, is it?"

The owner answered, "Yes. But this plant is an exception. This plant is very special. Its flowers never die. If one dies, another one will have half bloomed. It is a miracle plant, not a normal one. Therefore, I want to keep it as my own."

The lady did not let the owner finish, she interjected, "Right, it is a miracle. You made it. So, why donít you sell this one to me and make another one? If you always keep this miracle, you will never have a chance to make another one."

The owner was stunned. Then, the owner paced back and forth inside the shop. After stop pacing, the owner said, "All right. Since you love it so much, I sacrifice my love to you. I cannot be too selfish. I already have it for a long time. It is time to let someone have this miracle. But, you need to promise me one thing."

The lady was so happy that she asked quickly, "What is that?"

The owner said, "First, you must treat it nicely with your heart. Second, you must give me back if one day you do not love it."

The happy lady nodded her head and said simultaneously, "I promise. But, you do not understand how much I love this plant. I will never stop loving it. But, if you want me to promise, I do what you ask."

The owner said sadly as wrapping the plant gently, "Take care it with your heart. Don't pour out your purse. There is no price for this plant. No, no, no, do not say anything. Think it is a miracle. Is there a price tag goes with a miracle?"

The young lady took a deep breath and said, "You are right. A miracle

does not have a price. So, I must say thank you for your generosity. And, I promise that I will keep my promise."

They had shake hands. The owner walked the lady to the door and opened the door for her. The owner was looking at the lady's back while she was holding the plant walking briskly towards the corner. At the turn of the corner, the lady turned back her head and said pleasantly, "Bye! And thank you very much!"

She walks to the taxi station. She bented her upper body to get into in a taxi. When the taxi stopped, the lady got off the taxi with her two hands holding the plant and entered an apartment complex building. As she was turning the key at the keyhole, I saw a golden plate with purple mark next to the bell. It said, "Goldmundís residence"

The Fate of the Purple Ink

I am purple ink

and belong to Anais Nin.

She dips the nib of her pen

deep down to my bottom,

hoping me as purple radiant

to explicit her psychosis symptoms.

Letting the whole world know,

she is the victim

of her fatherís insane fault.

She expects to have

prescription or cure all.

No doctor!

Only readers!

There is miscommunication!

No prescription!

Only exclamation

from her readers

when they read her papers.

Nin is praised as a brilliant and descriptive writer.

However, she is a prisoner.

A prisoner of her pain!

She also lives like her father:


She confuses her various relationships

with the sexual relationships.

She still inks in with me

telling her sick life story!


She is enlightened by my purple radiant.

She loses hope from her audiences.

She decides to turn over a new leaf.

Paris is the place--

she is going to leave.

She does not want to bring anything.

She wants to leave behind everything.

She carries me to the Danube.

She kisses me

and slowly pours me into the river

when she says, "Adieu!"

She is waiting for me to bid her adieu.

While the water

in the river

washing out my colour,

I close my eyes tighter, tighter, and tighter.

"Bye!" I quaver.

I cannot hear

because the water is filling up

both of my ears.

I cannot talk anymore

because I am gulping down the water.

They keep dashing towards my mouth

and keep coming more, more and more.


What else I can say

if this is my fate!

Waterís Dream

I am just transparency water.

But, I am dyed with red color.

Later, I donít know what is wrong.

I eat all day long.

I become fatter.

Humans categorize it thicker.

Then, they call me plasma.

I am created for a special vein.

I can only live within a humanís brain.

I enroll myself into a lot

to see where I can be allotted.

Without any notice,

I am settled.

Who has such a complex brain?

It is Einsteinís brain!

Einstein is considered among the supreme

because he can create any excellent dream.

During the day, he dreams of the magic.

Humans call it physics.

At night, he dreams of whimsical phenomenon.

Ha! Humans call it their behavior.

For me, it does not matter.

I still call him my great master.

We have been together

for more than seven decades.

We share the same DNA.

I learn from him.

I also have a dream.

I dream of my colour fading away.

I dream of myself not eating for so many days.

I am losing weight.

I am gradually back to my old days.

Isnít it great!

Oh! No! I am too slow,

and entered the wrong road.

I am on the way becoming snow.