Can Buchanan’s Death of the West Threaten the True Multicultural American in 2002

The glass ceiling within corporate American culture has always been cultured by the white male between ages forty to sixty since this country came into being. In the year 2002, it is no different and it seems they desire to prosper longer than any other culture known to man by enforcing the pop culture and western civilization tactics. We must look at, and analyze the ever glorified and romanticized male of white American culture before it is too late. Too late, meaning before there is no longer a chance for white American society to change its errant ways. Today’s society has advanced beyond a means so that this glass ceiling in America and its old world thinkers cannot begin to comprehend and analyze, or can they? Old World philosophers would need to take into account the ever changing populace, technology and strength of today’s multicultural masses. We now have to take into account the enormously changing population and differences between the cultures. We must now notice that even though the Western ways of the American White male society between the ages of forty to sixty is one of the most dominant cultures in today’s time, but it is no longer one of the most followed cultures. No longer can this civilization look to its masses for a support of strength at to know that that alone will sanctify and make strong the beliefs of the White American way with Western world beliefs. We all must come to an understanding that if these old traditional views are not looked upon, then the American White male Society will feel the wrath of their past misdoings. There will be a mass multicultural backlash that will affect the sustenance of the White American World for the coming century.
David Duke

It is known that the traditional ways and views of the American White male World are diminishing slowly. With today’s multicultural generation, and new conservative outlooks on life, that objective opinions are not based solely on skin color, but good old currency. It is understandable why old world thinkers can
become paranoid, and want to hold on to their way of life. Due to the inferiority complexes within themselves Old World thinkers are not keeping up with today’s new adjustments on how to deal with life and its many obstacles that it puts in front of us socially, economically, technologically, and intellectually. The old world theory of intellect is now becoming an abridged form of philosophy that most people can utilize as a frame of reference to work from that has proven itself to be most effective throughout time. Old World intellect was much too one sided with its vast scholar worthy vocabulary, and societal acceptable norms of verbal etiquette. Only scholars were to be considered true intellects. They continually reaffirm new found ideas, beliefs, and thoughts on what was government policy and societal norms that was implemented at the time based on past experiences, in hopes of maintaining this power and knowledge within one’s own ranks of people.

In today’s continually growing multicultural American Society, there are so many different world views that are separated, integrated, or used in comparison to Patrick Buchanan’s western civilization. But instead, the nostalgic who wish to preserve the ways of western society convey such beliefs as “We must secure the existence of our people” much like the American Nazi. <> The American Nazi Party utilizes the use of the swastika which is a “equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same rotary direction, usually clockwise. The swastika as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune... The word is derived from the Sanskrit svastika, meaning; “conducive to well being…..” it is merely a symbol the American Nazi Party can look to for a tangible sense of idealism, brotherhood, and support. The swastika stimulates the American Nazi’s inner being. It reinforces the indoctrinated ideals that are set forth by the American Nazi movement. Much like when the U.S. Armed Forces salute to the American Flag. The swastika is a symbol that represents positiveness. Instead, the American Nazi Party utilizes the swastika as a scapegoat to perpetuate biasness and racism. For example, take the skinhead organization, this is another Neo Nazi Movement who has the same basic beliefs that the American Nazi Party has.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) took a world wide survey “the first major study of its kind, reveals that the movement encompasses some 70,000 youths—half of whom are hard-core activists and the rest supporters—in 33 countries on six continents… the skinhead movement originated in England in the early 1970’s when gangs of youths with shaved heads, tattoos, combat boots, and staunchly xenophobic attitudes became commonplace on the streets of low income neighborhoods.” <> Instead of “destabilizing society through violence and intimidation” <> such as the way the skinheads seek to reach their objectives. The American Nazis’ objective are sought by a more “parliamentary road to power”, in a desperate struggle to preserve their presumed ideal way of life.

This presumed ideal way of life that the White male World is in a constant struggle to preserve, is a present need to preserve the male White Western/European culture. In their world, any other way of life is in direct conflict with the white Western/European movement. Fortunately in today’s era, no longer is one classes’ voice heard and left as the deciding factor for all to follow. Intellectual scholars and philosophers no longer go hand and hand. Now life experience and knowledge have been integrated into forming today’s profound thinkers, innovators, and intellectuals. These movers and shakers now decide what path this world will follow.
For example, William H Gates III (Bill Gates) the owner of Microsoft is one of the most influential people in the world. Much of the company’s strategy and success can be attributed to this former CEO and current self-appointed Chairman and Chief Software Architect. Gate’s strategies can be compared to a mixture of merciless competitiveness and perfectly manipulated paranoia. This paranoia is much like the old world thinkers who want nothing more but to preserve their way of life and want nothing more than to be number one and stay number one at all costs. But, the incorporation of egalitarianism is too hard for them to fathom. So yes, today’s age ends the Western World’s ways of life. Forcing the White male American Western World to accommodate, and make way to new thinking, and ideals for a stronger, and more prosperous nation. If not, it will diminish in the blink of an eye unable to assimilate to the fast pace fly by night collective that is growing exponentially.

In Patrick Buchanan’s “The Death of The West” he notes two major reasons for the inevitable demise of the male White Western civilization. The male White Western civilization has been in existence since 400 C.E.. Through the years it has adopted, and integrated so many European lifestyles. Undoubtedly, those who want to maintain with the present day way of life are the degenerates of today’s world.
They are not learning from the past, and understanding that nothing ever stays exactly the same. There must be some adjustments made to accommodate New World views. Absolute non-conformity leaves one in a class by itself. In turn, the old male White American Western society will receive a backlash from the masses, the masses being the vast multicultural American population and their supporters. It will result in a reciprocal backlash that can happen due to past and present suppression, non-acknowledgment, and non-acceptance of pluralism. Buchanan wrote “In too many ways America is no longer lovely. Though she remains a great Country, may wonder if she is still a great Country.” (Buchanan) This clearly states that when things are not to the author’s liking or benefit he belittles and downplays reality. To only be controlled by the ID and focus only on your wants and needs is a clear Neanderthal way of thinking. Such as “There is no greater sorrow on earth, than the loss of one’s native land.” (Buchanan)

The audacity to set these words towards a civilization who’s premise was founded on committing this horrendous act against the Native American Indians. The White American male between the ages of forty and sixty clearly shows, and expresses a sense of superiority over other cultures. Constantly taking away other’s beliefs, and values, and indoctrinating their own ideals to help suppress other cultures for lifetimes to come. The West takes away the pure essence of what was, never allowing a chance for recognition or the understanding of nationality or ancestry. Such as from “The Passion of the Western Mind” the author writes “respect for the “West’s mainstream high culture”…and the radically changing world…performs the near-miracle of describing profound philosophical concepts simply but without simplifying them.”
The western culture always upholds its beliefs, signifying it with the greatest of the greats. They compare there way of life to a set philosophy that in their mind should not be change. So, for the White male American with Western societal ideals between the ages of forty to sixty to be upset with the massive influx of minorities into the United States is redundant to the fact that the foundation of many non-whites who are now American natives, are here due to the forced migration, and assimilation that was orchestrated by the White male World. As much as the male American White male would like to forget those horrific events, but not for the catastrophic horrors that were committed, but for the mindless initiation in the upheaval and mass transplantation of races they are despised of looking at, and in turn they will always be reminded of their ill gotten gains of the past.

The White American male’s relentless willful closing of the eyes, and mind can not prevent the rhetorical all so realistic boomerang affect that will undoubtedly turn on them. The White American male between the ages of forty and sixty will have to endure the unsuspecting pressures of discrimination much like Captain Richard Wright the ex-police Chief of East Orange, New Jersey who in 1998 was over looked by then Black Mayor Cardell Cooper because the Mayor at that time wanted to appoint someone Black instead of someone White, and would not have it any other way. Or, you can take into account the L.A. riots, when young Blacks decided to enforce their own kind of justice. They took into account the hurt and pain they have endured by the Los Angeles Police Department and inflicting it upon any and all whites they encountered during the three day ordeal. We also must take into account “The Zootsuit Riots”, when the perils of young Mexican Americans in 1943 (Chicanos) came into play. The young Mexican Americans who were known to wear zootsuits began lashing out at Military personnel because of the constant mistreatment from Military Personnel. All walks of life have a threshold of tolerance. The many cultures that subside within the United States have reached theirs.

Yes, the death of the west is coming, due to the hypocrisy that it was founded on, establishing rules and laws for all to adhere to unquestionably. However, the American White male’s Western Civilization views are allowed to change, and work around these rules for its own benefit. But, to avoid the inevitable by using ignorant political rhetoric, and downplaying ideals with descriptive dark overtones will not cut it for today’s masses. Another main point that is given for the death of the west is due to the low birth rate of the white populace. A problem that is not biological but consensual:
“(A) A shift from the golden age of marriage to the dawn of a new age of cohabitation. (B) A shift from a time of “king-child” with parents to that of king parents with one child. (C) A shift from preventative contraception, to benefit early children, to self-fulfilling contraception, to benefit parents. (D) A shift from a uniform family system to a pluralistic system of families and households, including single parent families.” (Buchanan)

The American White male survivalists try to blame this fact on everyone other than themselves. They can no longer place blame on the feminine white populace for deciding not to bear children, or put off child birth till a more convenient time, or blaming the non-white populace for having more children than the white populace, and indoctrinating this reality into a mass conspiracy to one day overthrow the white populace is too far fetched. Egalitarianism is an issue that has not been addressed or proven to be ineffective. To denounce the unknown is a mind unwilling to be enlightened, and elevated to a plain of hopeful omnipotence. To ensure that hope is not disregarded, the American White male civilization must be willing to revamp, accept, and include all that it affects. The assumed diminishing white populace that is putting fear on the delusional altruistic ideals to appropriate a front, craves to believe, if there was nothing but caucus faces walking around that all will be safe and right in the world. Take for instance, the primitive Neanderthal tactics that was used in Texas when “Three white men, two with suspected links to the Aryan Nation…” <> dragged James Byrd Jr. to his death with a truck just because of his skin color. Also, the name Timothy Mcveigh comes to mind, a self proclaimed American Neo Nazi, upset with the present day American way of life, something that the American Nazi Party is suppose to hold so dear, blew up a federal building where “ 168 people killed in Oklahoma City bombing….” < > A person’s commitment to unsavory ethics stem from a need for acceptance, and insecurity of one’s self. Also take for example, “The Trench Coat Mafia” a:

“Group of 10 boys (who are all of the Caucasian persuasion) at Littleton, Colo, high school took to wearing duster coats, first bought for one of them by his mother, and embraced name trench coat mafia when they were teased for wearing them; name has come to sound menacing because of its link to deadly shooting and bombing at school by two boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; members of group, their parents and other students say group was tiny clique of boys long seen as losers…” <>
I realized from my own observation, that students all over started wearing black trench coats to signify themselves as part of “The Black Trench Coat Mafia”. It gave themselves a self assured sense of security from all who wish to do harm to them, a sense of security that the Western civilization craves. These examples show that the belief in White male American Western society is merely a hypocritically, ignorant, and retarded way of thinking that is absolutely unfounded. When it comes down to specific issues skin color goes out the window and other tedious quandaries get in the way. From primary languages, creed, religion, to ancestry, societies knit picking of another’s values that is not in sync or relative with theirs is ostracized and considered an outcast. They are put into specific categories to decide if or when they will be dealt with again, either to be utilized or cast aside. From William Pierce’s Online statement “encouraging young Whites to mix with and act like Blacks” he clearly shows he has a need to separate and categorize different races. He is stating that the White populace acts differently from the Black populace. He does not integrate other factors such as their environment, economical status, or many other factors that can influence the shaping and molding of one’s characteristics. The White cause and not the White American male’s Western societal ideals is the deciding factor that separates them from everyone else. It does not matter what their ideals are. Exclusion for skin color alone is self proclaimed ignorance, insecurity, and lack of education. All other beliefs just fall into place afterwards.

The White skin is nothing more than a default visual aide that gives a person automatic verification that there is an abstract difference between another human being. He fails to realize that all walks of human kind was considered inferior for one reason or another. The deciding factor that determined and strengthened slavery in the late 1700’s and 1800’s was skin color. This, a conscious and unconscious correlation with bondage, that with constant reinforcement has come to be what it is today. White indentured servants were able to enjoy the fruits of so called freedom, due to their skin color. Allowing them access at any given moment to run away and blend in with the white populace of the Americas. This is an attribute Africans did not have. Skin color was a permanent separation that will seemingly plague a pigmented soul for all eternity. After the exclusion of most of the world populace, Jewish people and all others who do not believe in the Western Societal ideals are excluded.
Not only are the Black and White races looked at as separate, it is also expressed that if one takes on the mannerisms of the other it is either negative to act like the Black populace or selling out if you act like the White populace. We are put into specific designations, and God help us if we stray from that societal norms. We are forced to continually stay within the box, and all forms of abstract expression are suppressed not allowed to reach our fullest potential of being.

All forms of mass suppression have had to conform to a certain degree to accommodate today’s dynamically changing times. The Archdiocese has continually overlooked matters of molestation by reassigning priests who were accused of this heinous act and merely taking them out of the lime light by transferring them to another parish to seemingly start off fresh in hopes of a miraculous self rehabilitation. The unfulfilled psychological healing is never addressed and directly dealt with to avoid future occurrences of molestation by priests. On April 1, 2002 Romano Ferraro a former priest who, a decade ago was suspended by the Brooklyn Diocese, was arrested for the alleged rape of a child. Massachusetts prosecutors said that from 1973 to 1980 “Ferraro raped and sexually assaulted the male victim who was between the ages of 7 and 13…” (Mangan and Messig) When the accusations first surfaced two decades ago the priest was transferred out of the parish.
Presently, on March 22, 2002 Pope John Paul II has for the first time publicly denounced this unholy act and ordered a swift, and indiscreet handling of such matters conforming to today’s times where the media plays a key role in the public’s perception of society. In many cases the media is the deciding factor for much of today’s decisions on social norms and atrocities, seemingly trying to change the ways of the old world thinkers.

We must get the Old World thinkers out of their single loop ways of learning in order to elevate ourselves to some form of acceptance of all people. This is an ideal that pluralism, and egalitarianism integrates. In order to achieve pluralism and egalitarianism there has to be essential conditions in place. We must “teach people how to reason about their behavior in new and more effective ways breaks down the defenses that block learning” (Argyris) This is imperative for Old World thinkers to be forced to open their minds to the acceptance of all walks of life. We as a society must also work on the relationship between adult and child, mutual respect for one another, reliability, brotherhood and statehood. We must show clear and valid points to show how hypocritical, and self centered Old World views are, case and point:“what fascinated him as a young man about his country’s history was “the massive narrative of the movement of European culture into the vacant wilderness of America.” “VACANT?”… writing in 1956, doesn’t pause over the word “vacant,” but to people who read his preface thirty years later, the word is shocking. In what circumstances could someone proposing to write a history of colonial New England not take account of the Indian presence there?” (Tompkins)

The reason for this needed show of abrupt ignorance is to state claim to the fact that the American White male Civilization only sees things their way. Despite how left wing their ways of thinking are from reality, they are only willing to accept what they want to believe as the truth. They accept what is “counted for them in a fundamental way.” (Tompkins) But, by reflecting on the past, through fair showmanship, the results of all of the ill gotten gains of the American White male have come back to haunt them. From the stealing of the good old U.S. of A from the Indians, the incomprehensible National Debt, September 11, 2001, to slavery, it has all become a precursor to a ticking time bomb that will undoubtedly explode if there is no form of mediation between Western Society, and its counterparts. There is a chance to change the Western Societies archaic ways that can no longer prosper in today’s dynamically changing mentality. The answers are in front of them. It is time to stop the prevention of the inevitable. The inevitable being, that the American White male’s ways can become a Third World way of thinking.
Dr. Martin Luther King

This is a precursor to a memorandum that is intended for the American White male society between the ages of forty to sixty, before it is too late. The continuation of mass suppression, and non-acceptance will no longer be tolerated. As all human beings are, we all have our limits. To relentlessly back the American minorities into a corner where the only way out is to lash out and subject the American White male to the same misfortunes will become inevitable.
It is time to indoctrinate new ideas, beliefs, and acceptances. With the integration of new found ideas, with old world beliefs then we can move on to the next millennium, stronger and wiser. It is time to set a new precedence for all to adhere to. We can no longer let the petty quandaries that are clearly unfounded, unjustified, and immoral set us apart. It is time to work from pure logic. Now that the masses play a hand in the continuous advancement of technology and knowledge, pulling the wool over their eyes will no longer be common place. It is time to wake up and start a new tomorrow.


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