The End of Innocence

Forged from Love and Unity,
The twins tower over us.
In the Gleam of the morning sun,
they represent the power of a nation.
The clear blue sky, rains fire
a terror to be visited on democracy.
The end of innocence is at hand and the
lord knows only, if we will survice the tradegy.
So many missing, lost forever
in the dust of the cualdron that,
the twins became upon destruction.
So many wait for news
the tears and prayers to God begging for mercy.
Does Our Father hear our pleas?
Danielle Ramos
Copyright ©2002 Danielle Ramos

A 911 call on 9/11

Early in the morning under a cloudless blue sky
Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and changed our lives
On September 11th 2001
The emergency services were called on 911
The world watched - frozen
As thousands of lives were taken
Brought together by fear
We now stand together, stronger, closer and more aware
On September 11th 2001
The world stood hand in hand - as one.
Copyright ©2002 Danielle Ramos


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