My Experience into Madness

I turned the television on and at first I thought it was a movie concerning the world trade center towers. The scene unfolding before my eyes was unbelievable so naturally I thought this had to be a movie or something to do with a movie. Then the second plane hit and reality began to set in. Suddenly I realized that we were really under attack. I thought maybe there was going to be a bomb next because surely nothing less could occur, unfortunately the next few horrible hours were to produce the collapse of the twin towers in downtown Manhattan killing thousands of men and women and the attack on the Pentagon which killed hundreds and also the crash of another flight that was on course for Washington, DC but whose deadly mission was curtailed due to the passengers decision to fight for freedom.

I remember being frozen in front of the television trying to move from channel to channel looking for one without static because when the towers were hit the antennas for the various TV networks were damaged so eventually I ended up on Channel 25 with I believe is WNYE. I felt so helpless and I was in shock as I saw the men and women trying to get help to leave the burning buildings. I called my sister and asked her if she knew what was happening. She was in tears and told me she had a clear view from the Phillip Morris Building where she works on the 14th floor in midtown and she saw people who had jumped from the buildings in order to avoid the fire from the crash and it just seemed like an endless nightmare of human loss and lives.
Eventually the towers fell and it seemed like the whole world just lost it’s voice, the tradegy of all that loss in human lives was too horrendous to even understand. The numbers were going to be astronomical and every body in the USA and the free world knew that we had been attacked and savaged because of our beliefs. That day, I remembered seeing the endless line of people walking out of Manhattan across the bridges and wondering if things were ever going to be safe again or how were we going to deal with such murder from an enemy we did not even realize we had. I was in shock and I remembered thinking that some other horrible terror was going to happen and then the President and the USA decided we were going to fight for our right to freedom because that was what America was built on. Even now as I write this paper it brings tears to my eyes and such hurt to know that so many people lost their lives in a senseless plot to throw the world into chaos and America into bedlam because of our belief in a free world. The attack has so far resulted in a war in Afghanistan against terrorism, Al Queda and the Taliban who are a repressive Islamic government brought to power because they had promised the people peace—they lied.
At home in America, we have to clear the destruction, find the bodies for burial or whatever is left of the people who perished in this nightmare and we have businesses going under and as a result more bankruptcies, layoffs, post traumatic stress related syndromes in the population, depressions and also more people interested in religion. This sad time in America will forever reflect how people in this time go about their daily lives and because so many lives were lost that day, the children of these lost souls will have our gratitude and love for the sacrifice made by their parents, who unwittingly fought for a free America that day against an enemy who saw America and freedom as unworthy of Allah and his teachings. This attack on America will live in infamy forever because it destroyed so many lives because of hatreds taught to people as children who are anti-semitic , and anti freedom because of the humiliation and boredom they have to live with in their culture. 9-11 taught us that we in the west are lucky to live in the freedom that our ancestors fought so hard to preserve and that we should do everything within our power to preserve our right to this freedom, yes we will have to be a bit more careful and not so thrusting of the other people in the world and yes we have to know more about our neighbors who live in dictatorships and how we can help them achieve the freedom we enjoy in the America and the West. Has 9-11 been able to open our eyes to the dangers we faced. I believe yes. Now the real work begins in order to achieve freedom for all.

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