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Reactions to 9/11 from SUNY New Paltz Students and their Alter Egos, 2001

I have so many feelings to express about this recent tragedy that I
don't really know where to begin, or to end for that matter. The events of
that particular day and the days since have been a big blur to me.
My Tuesday started off like any other I suppose. Did anyone else have
unusual thoughts or feelings that morning before anything happened? When I
talked to some that did, it reminded me of a "maternal instinct" the thought
that something is about to happen to her child. What can you really do when
you have an uneasy feeling like that? As far as I know you can do nothing but
Walking to my 10 O' clock class a friend approached me freaking out, and
yelling "did you hear what happened?!" I happened to be in one of my "zones."
The kind of zone many of us are in when we first wake up and haven't had
caffeine yet. She went on about some plane crashes or something in NYC and I
just remembering shaking my head and saying how crazy it was, even though I
really had no clue what she was talking about or if she was telling the
truth. Honestly, that "friend" of mine is a little funny sometimes and often
makes up stories. But this was NOT a laughing matter.
This shocking reality didn't hit home until I entered the SUB with all
eyes glued to the TV screens. That's when I thought of my little brother,
only 17 who lives in the city. That was when I really began to lose it. I
called him so many times at his dorm and on his cell phone but the only
answer I got was "sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties." I'm
sure many of you understand my frustration with that. However, by late
afternoon, he came online only to complain that he was supposed to go to that
area of town for some kind of project he was doing for school. I was more
worried than he was! When I asked if he was okay he said, "Eh, yeah there's
smoke coming off of my building, no big deal." AH!! How could he be so calm?
The rest of the day went on, everyone's "away message" saying something in
relation to the tragedy. Mine said: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO
PRAY, PRAY! I think it is beautiful, that people are turning to God now for
help, but it is sad that it took something like this to happen for anyone to
realize that He is our way out, our only relief is to look to Him. When we
want to blame Him for letting something like this happen to us, we have to
remember that He has a plan and a purpose for everything. As terrible as this
is, it happened to us for a reason, maybe it will only make us stronger, and
bring WE, as a people, as a nation together, unified. ALL people, ALL races,
ALL genders and orientations, shall come together as one for comfort and
hope. That is a beautiful thing. Something beautiful always comes out of the
bad, in the end. I strongly believe that "even in death, HE opens doors for
LIFE to enter." When you feel anger and want revenge on those that did this
to us, to our country, recognize that it will never solve anything and just
lead to more hurt and pain. (Often affecting the innocent, look at those who
lost their lives!!!) PLEASE remember this verse, I pray that it will calm you
and urge you to let God take care of "revenge": "But you O God, shall bring
them down to the pit of destruction; bloodthirsty and deceitful men shall not
live out half their days; but I will trust in You." Psalm 55:23
Thank you for your time Professor & classmates!
God Bless You,

Like most of you, I woke up yesterday like it was any other day. I woke up
early so that I could sit down and have a cup of tea before class and decided
to accompany that with some morning talk shows. Obviously I was instead met
with several news programs reporting the tragic state of our nation.
There is no need for detail; you all have an array of knowledge about the
events of yesterday. For me, it was one of those things that was happening,
but didn't feel completely real right away. I felt distant from the situation
although it happened only about an hour away.
Slowly but surely throughout the day, this tragedy began hitting closer to
home for me. Between the extensive news coverage, phone calls from friends
andfamily, and eventually finding out that I knew people who's lives were
made it extremely real.
All this talk of war is harsh and difficult to stomach. I realize we must
retaliate, but I feel that we have not taken enough time to mourn. Just stop
questioning and analyzing the pattern of yesterday's events, and take a
momentto feel; whether it is to mourn the loss of a loved one or to be
grateful that
your family and friends are still with you.
As most of you have mentioned, we are a powerful nation and we will
prevail, just don't forget to mourn the deaths that were forced upon us before
prepare for battle.

This morning I woke up to my roommate crying about what
I thought was a personal problem, only to find out
that the twin towers were hit by planes and that the
Pentagon too was hit. In complete shock the first
thing I could think of was calling my parents to make
sure everything was ok. Due to the mass hysteria I
could not get through to them. When I finally did I
was relieved to find out that my father did not go to
work to so he was fine.It is now 7:30pm and I have
still to find out if both my uncle and boyfriend are okay. I am terrified. I have never been so scared in
my life. Not only for loved ones but for national
security. It is a shame that people, let alone a whole
country ,would get joy out of seeing another suffer.
what I am referring to is the horrible footage I saw
when I turned on the TV and saw hundreds of
Palestinian that were jumping around in excitement
because we have had such a loss. Children, who
probably know not a thing about the United States of
America, were laughing and holding up their flag in
sheer pride. This picture hurt me more than anything.
The fact that hatred is being filtered down to little
children. The fact that kids of 8 or 9 are so happy
about the fact that extremely high numbers of people
have been killed is very sad. I think that after today
things will never be the same. I know now that I will
never feel totaly safe ever again.I am scared for the
future of our country and most of all our world. this
truly is a horrifying experience. I hope all of your
family and friends are safe because believe me I know
its hard to wait to hear from them.The only way for us
to make it through is to pray and have faith in our
country because through it all we truly are the best
and most powerful country in the world.
-Erin Brady

Yesterday morning I woke up to a call from a friend urging me to turn
on the television set because something big had just happened. I rushed
out of my bed and I could not believe what I saw. Moments after that
something even moredevastating happened, a second airplane crashed
headfirst into the other tower.
Live on TV, every single person alive in this Earth had the
opportunity to see the most horrifying moment in the history of this
country. Moments after the center of the economy of the World was hit,
more breaking news - the center of the United States defensive office,
the Pentagon, has also been attacked and hit by another hi-jacked
airplane. The security of the whole nation is being threat by an unknown
group of madness source.
Thousands of innocent people die before of our eyes. Millions of
people around the World saw the Capital of the World being attacked by to
flying bombs. Sure the moment was horri! fying, but even more horrifying
for all of those whose loved ones were involved in these unbelievable
actions. Sure we have seen, through the media, the effects and some of
the happenings of these attacks, but have we seen it all? I don't think
so. Yesterday, early in the afternoon I received a call from my father
who is back in the Dominican Republic, his fear and reaction was not what
I expected. The international media showed yesterday on TV much more
than what we've seen here, pictures of horrifying moments from the scene
were showed, people jumping from the towers desperate for life, shredded
pieces of human bodies laying on the streets, people hurting and bleeding
running for their life, and not less impacting television pictures from
the Middle East showed people out in the streets celebrating that "The
Strongest Power" in the World has just been attack.
I have family living in Manhattan, we don't know anything about them
yet, andhopefully ! they are ok, but I feel deeply sorry for those of
whom lives have been lost and their love ones. Right now, we can not be
so sure about how secure we are. The media and the United States central
government have given the people just part of the information, just a
part of all of this, so you feel secure and think that they have
everything under control, apparently that is not the case. Have you stop
and thing of all of this? How could this all happen? We are
talking about the most important city in the World, the center of the
World's economy. We are talking about Washington DC, what we all thought
was the most secured place in the country, how can all this happened?
I am no one to judge the security of this country, or your beliefs
about it. Many people are now dead, many people are now missing, but also
important is, what's going to happen to the rest of us, are we safe? The
government has called the situation a "Delta Threat Situation", Does!
that means that USA is going start a war against this terrorist? Or would
they just track these people down and bring them to justice? In my
perspective, there's no justice for this action. Those responsible for
these attacks are doing nothing but declaring war, not just with the
United States but declaring war with the free countries
around the World.
God bless the World!

When Nothing Is Normal
Another airplane have crashed in NYC this morning. The news hit me this
morning and a very hard way because this one was in route to Dominican
Republic, my country. Over 280 people died on this crash and so far we don't
know if terrorism is involved or it was just an accident.
Either way, over 280 dominicans had just died this morning and a big
question is hitting me right now... Did I knew any of this people that was
on this airplain?? I have about 30 members of my family living on NYC, and
hundreds of friends who in one or another have relatives traveling
constantly back and foward to New York City, that worries me.
Next december I will be flying to Dominican Republic from NYC, it won't
be easy. Whether or not this crash is related to terrorism, security will be
stronger to flight in route to Dominican Republic from now on, this is the
first airplane crash since Sept 11, and things will defenetly change for us.
I just hope that this incident doesn't change our status with the United
Ernesto Sosa

I awoke on Tuesday Morning to horror and fear. My girlfriend woke me up to
tell me what had just happened and that her father worked at the Twin
Towers. The only thing I could do was comfort her and try and be positive.
She left shortly after to meet with her mother. I went to class in fear and
pain. When I returned from class, the Twin Towers no longer stood. My
girlfriend called me shortly after to tell me that her father was ok. WE
were all thankful that he got out of there ok. The story we would hear
later on was nothing but miraculous. He got out of there without a scratch
on him. Had he stayed in his office another two minutes, he wouldn't be
here today. While I thank the stars for this miracle, I can't help but
think about those who were less fortunate. One of those people was my best
friends's uncle. Now, it may be easier said then done, but I think the most
important thing to do right now is to grieve but to also try and get on with
our lives. If we let terror and fear affect us for so long, then the
terrorists will have won. We will get through this, together. It won't be
easy, the journey will be long, but we will prevail. Americans will
prevail, the WORLD will prevail. While the world will never be the same, I
can't help but think that the world will be a better place after such a
horrible tragedy. God bless everyone.

Sometimes we do not realize how vulnerable we are until it is too late.
Tom Clancy, a world famous military author was speaking to anchors on the
news yesterday. He mentioned a fact that was disturbing to him, and to me.
We have been downsizing our intelligence despite the threat of terrorist
attack. We were unprepared, and could have saved thousands of lives had his
warning been heeded.
Mayor Guiliani is still reluctant to divulge any hard numbers of
casualties, but it is obvious that the death toll is severe. It is
unfortunate that so many people had to die so horribly to alert the
government to this weakness. The terrorists tenacity was underestimated, and
innocent people payed the ultimate price for their incompetent policy.
The real tragedy is that the people killed were not military, but
civilians. They became casualties of an attack they had nothing to do with.
This attack was compared to Pearl Harbor by many in office, but they are
missing the real issue! Pearl Harbor was a military base, attacked in a time
of war, not an office building filled with civilians and children
unsuspecting and uninvolved! This act far surpasses the atrocity of the
attack and Pearl Harbor, and is every bit as demoralizing to the people of
the United States. Roosevelt wisely acted on Pearl Harbor immediately,
declaring war on the Japanese. Now I wonder, what kind of a man do we have
in office in this time of crisis?
I was watching CNN this morning, and footage was being shown of people in
Afghanastan dancing in the streets, celebrating the death of thousands of
American civilians, giving candy to children, and praising the suicidal
hijackers who went to their death with over 260 innocent passengers to cause
unprecedented destruction. They were teaching their children to glorify such
a ludicrous act of terrorism. I started to get a sickly feeling in my gut.
I can not remember ever feeling so disgusted by any group of mindless
followers since I was a child, learning about the atrocities of the
holocaust. These despicable people are a disgrace to the great Muslim
religion, and it is my belief that Muslims in America and worldwide would
agree with me. This attack has been considered an act of a 'Jihad', the
Arabic word for Holy War, but there was nothing holy about their action by
the standards of any religion. To me, the act of glorifying these attacks is
a capitol crime in itself.
If we wait too long to reciporicate to these attacks, it will be taken as a
sign of weakness. This is President Bush's chance to show us what kind of
leader he is going to be. We need to give the nation of Afghanastan an
ultimatum. It was ridiculous to simply allow them to harbor international
terrorists to begin with, and now if they do not help us delineate the events
of yesterday, that is an act of war all by itself, and it is just that we use
Many say that it will result in an international incident, and that it will
offend many people. So what? I will be offended if unprecedented force is
not used to bring the terrorists to justice.
We need to defend America. We have been allowing this place to be
exploited for too long, but there is hope. Yesterday I went to give blood at
Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie. There were far more people showing
up to give their blood to other Americans that needed it than they have ever
seen before. Some of us still do care about this place, and each other. We
need to force the government to care too and not allow these attacks to be
treated with any sort of tolerance because of international politics or any
other reason, justice for our own people that died is more important, and
something must be done now.

Our military began bombing the Taliban late Saturday night. There are
protests, supporters, constant news coverage, and an infinite amount of
conversation about it every day, loaded to the gills with opinions and
critism by people who think they know the reality of the situation from what
they see on the news and what they hear from word of mouth.
Friends, we are so much in the dark about what is really going on, any
opinions we have are most likely meritless, and based on only partial, or
possibly even false information.
I read George Orwell's 1984 when I was 12, and the book scared the hell out
of me. In that fiction novel, the populace was watched, lied to, and kept
ignorant to the affairs of the totaltarian government that ruled them which
was known by the deceiving, friendly nickname of "Big Brother".
Has this come true? Why do I get a horrible feeling in my gut when I think
of this? Why does the notion of believing and trusting our own government
seem like the act of a naive, made to piss on, worker drone of a vast colony?
My guess is because it is.
Every day I've been watching the news, and I'm no more informed than any
other person who's done the same, but I feel like I don't know anything about
what's really happening behind the facade of the media.
I hear people spread rumors, my shipmates E-mail me, telling me what they
believe to be "inside information" as if they are any better informed than
the rest of us because they are still active (none of them have top secret
clearance). I can't help but feel that we are all kidding ourselves.
Our government has motives for this action that we cannot and must not know
about for the sake of national security and military preparedness. Who can
argue? Of course they can't tell us what they're planning on the 11 O'clock
news, even a simple schmuck like me can understand that, what's bugging me is
I don't even know who's really in charge, if I trust them, agree with them,
or should speak out against them! (Not that it would mean anything anyway).
I don't believe that Bush makes the important decisions. He's being
advised. I don't believe Powell is really in charge. He's giving orders to
be carried out down the chain of command, and obligated to act in the
country's "best interest" whatever the hell that is. Who's really running
this anyway? If any of you know, please fill me in.
I'll stand behind any decision that's made, and if I'm called back to the
Ohio, not a single person will hear me complain (unlike half our military
personnel, I joined the Navy because I believe in something, not for college
money, take that any way you want). I just can't stand the idea of us dying
by the hundreds if the real motivation for conflict is something less than
honorable and we don't even realize it.
The people being sent in are real. You probably know some of them. They
aren't actors like Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan" who people seem to have
more respect for than the rescuers and volunteers that do something for
people because they care.
This is all very pertinent, but none the less a futile E-mail. I'm guilty
of it myself, because instead of toiling, trying to find out the truth about
what's going on, last night I was uptown being pacified by Monday night
football, consumed by...

Dan Dugal

Ernesto - you are not alone in your questioning of the security in the US,
but understand this: this is exactly what terrorists hope for! If we begin
to doubt the efficiency of our government to protect us...if we believe that
our tax dollars are unwisely spent on intelligence that does not work...if we
see our loved ones destroyed by just a few...the terrorists will count on
these doubts so that we cause problems for, or even overthrow, our
government. They want us to mistrust and hate our government as they do. In
a way, we become collaborators with the enemies of America! This was an
attack on all of democracy, not just the U.S. -- even Cuba offered us help!
If these people will do it to the strongest nation, imagine what they can do
to a smaller nation! We must be careful when we judge our leaders only
because we don't have all the facts. Were there lapses? Maybe. Right now,
however, we must all unite -- not divide -- as Americans. If terrorists can
divide our hearts, they can conquer. The best thing we can do is appreciate
each other; I am finding that this disaster has made me feel grateful for all
my American and non-American neighbors. See you in class.
Marilynne T.

My world has forever changed, all our lives have changed, and it's sad. I
keep on hearing stories from friends and family about people who thank god
made it out alive. But I can not even start to imagine what it must be like
for those who have gotten bad news about their loved ones. This is insane!
And the drama has not stopped.
One of my dearest friends told me today that his sister had made it out
of the city ok and was coming home yesterday. Which was great news. But
unfortunately on her way home she had to run right back into the face of
terrorism again. She took the ferry to Long Island and was one of the first
ones to board. She was not the only one to board the vessel; people who are
believed to be involved with the terrorist group were on it as well.
Officials think that they were trying to get back to Boston. In their car
police found air traffic plans and other related evidence.
This is ridiculous. This country's belief and naivete that we are
unconditionally safe has been wiped from our thoughts forever. We must stick
together and do the right thing. We must have faith that our government will eventually
come through for us and will one day strive again.

I have never been so horrified, Frennds, Family, and
innocent people were attacked yesterday. This was not
just an attack on New york but the whole country. I
have been physically sick for more than twenty four
hours, And it is time to take action ,to let our
enemies know that this will not go unpunished,and so
nothing like this will ever happen again.There is a
belief in freedom and peace in this country and when
our enemies have paid these notions will be restored.
Michael Sweatt

At 10:30 on Tuesday morning, I awoke to the voice of my suitemate
ranting that there was an "Attack on America" and that "they blew up the
world trade center and the pentagon". As I was still in my sleep mode, I
disregarded the comments and returned to my slumber. As I slept, however, I
dreamt that aliens had invaded the country. When I woke up for the second
time at about 1:00 in the afternoon, I thought that it was all a dream.
Naturally, the aliens were just a figment of my imagination, but when i
looked at the television and watched the replay of the twin towers crumbling
to the ground, I realized that this was no dream. I could not believe what
had happened. I watched the replays of the planes hitting over and over, and
with each time I saw it, the harder it was to believe it. I tried to tune
out by playing video games but nothing could take that image out of my head.
Then it just hit me. I realized that I have two uncles that work at the
world trade center. Suddenly, fear struck me in the heart. I scrambled to
the phone and dialed home. My mother picked up and the first thing she did
was assure me that they were okay. My Uncle John had a day off and my Uncle
Rob called in sick. I could not believe the luck. I felt relieved, but then
I thought of the thousands of people who weren't as lucky as me. It makes me
sick that somebody can crash a plane into such a populated building, killing
so many, and think they were doing something good. War sickens me.

It is Tuesday afternoon, and after having witnessed (in the Lecture Center at
10:30 a.m.) the collapse of the second World Trade Center tower, I feel the
need to express my profound fear, sadness, and the uselessness that surrounds
me at this time. Although I have another class this afternoon, I have told
my professor that I simply cannot attend and discuss the likes of "Lolita;"
one of my morning classmates faced the prospect of horrendous loss because
her brother works in the WTC. I just need time to seek information,
comprehend, and reflect on the magnitude of this attack on the freedom of our
country. This, good people, is why countries go to war...this is why we are
patriots, and defend our homeland...because of madmen, mothers must sacrifice
their sons and daughters in defense of the indefensible.
Before this hideous attack, the most fear-inspiring event that I had heard in
my 48 years had been the assassination of President Kennedy, and I was ten
years old. That day, and the horrible aftermath, will live in my memory as
though it were yesterday. Fears of Soviet attacks filled the heads of
American parents and children as we watched our on our televisions the burial
of the leader of the most free nation on Earth.
It is because of that culture of freedom in America that we can so readily be
attacked. We tend to be a very "open" nation in many ways; we have freedoms
in this country that others cannot even imagine. And although it is
certainly far from being a perfect society or government, we have always been
able to go to sleep at night and feel very safe.
Today, that safety has been stolen from us. Tonight, we will sleep a little
less soundly. I will pray for America -- for all of us -- this terrible day.
God bless us.


Osama bin Laden is a mastermind, and from all evidence,
this is his work. However, taking out one person (unfortunately) will not
answer this problem. They will not hit us the same way the next time. Bin
Laden has a camp where he develops biological weapons; there are throngs of
dead animals there where he has been practicing.
According to Israeli/Mid East experts, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,
and Libya want to eradicate the world of "infidels" -- not just Americans,
but primarily us. I want my son to be able to safely sleep at night in
America, like I was able to. I want his children to be able to enjoy the
fruits of my father's military service during WWII. And just like that time
-- when Hitler almost won the war (that's true, and if America hadn't come to
the rescue, we would all be clicking our heels to "Hiel!"), these countries
have to be taken down the way Germany and Japan were at the time.
I have a problem with war; I am the mother of one child, a boy. I hesitate
strongly about other mother's children dying in war, no matter whose soil
they are on. On the other hand, this week many other parents lost their
innocent children. And I am afraid that if we are not thorough in the
response to these rogue nations, this is just the beginning. Forget the
airlines; it could be the trains, it could be infiltration of our health care
institutions, the possibilities are endless and frightening. Unfortunately,
bin Laden is re-energized by his "victory" this week, and being a sociopath,
does not care about who dies or the heinous nature of his acts.
I have said I really don't like Bush; however, he is showing strong
leadership right now, and I have a feeling he will utilize all the
intelligence at his disposal to make the correct decisions. If not, there
will be hell to pay. I just heard on the news that Clinton new three years
ago about these pilots being trained in our country...he also watched bin
Laden bomb US Embassies in Africa -- which happens to be considered US
Sovereign soil. What was he waiting for? He wanted to cut back on defense.
Guess what -- the budget is screwed. Now we have to shell out big bucks for
defense, and we must do this. Should they put bin Laden on trial? Did they
put the pilots of Pearl Harbor's attack on trial? NO!
I am glued to National Public Radio, and can't get any of my other reading
done! This is seriously worrying me. When I was young, nothing political
bothered me (ignorance, immaturity). Classmates, listen up. I tell this to
my own kid who's your age (and no, he doesn't always listen!): the beauty of
youth is that one feels immortal; it is also the curse of youth. Please read
the NY Times online to stay informed; you are witnessing history. Sometimes
listen to a local NPR station to hear what the finest minds have to say about
many things. And yes, don't forget to still be a young person and enjoy your
life. If people choose to be ignorant, they eliminate the ability to have an
informed opinion.
I apologize if I come off sounding like everyone's mother, but right now I
feel very protective of all of you, and all fellow Americans. As a nation,
our mutual care is very important. Love to you all.

I play on the soccer team here at New Paltz. I guess you can say the
girls on the team have been a family to me. We all have become very close
considering some of us have only known each other for 4 or 5 weeks. One of
the girls on my team left for Long Island yesterday to be with her family.
Her brother worked on the 100th floor in the trade center. They have not
gotten any word from him. We had a team meeting the day the tragedy happened
and were told this information, everyone on the team was in tears.
This is just one of the thousand stories that are being told
throughout New York. I guess you can say this is the first time I felt
helpless. That at any time any crazy person can take the lives of innocents.
You know we all here on the news the stories about Columbine, the Oklahoma
City Bombing, and we all realize what a tragedy it is. But, when it happens
in your own city, the city you have walked up and down many times. The
buildings you have walked by that are no longer there. Seeing so many people
in tears because they have lost love ones. It hits you much harder. I know
that my life has been deeply affected by this tragedy. For the first time I
realize that the U.S. is not invinciable. That terrorism can strike at
anytime. It is so scary.
Thank You.
Meredith Ventimiglia



The statement was clear. The terrorists wanted to strike at
America’s center of finance, military, and political power.
They also wanted to show Americans and the world that the U.S.
is not untouchable. Having lived through the bombing of Yugoslavia
and a devastating earthquake in Greece two years ago, such images
of destruction were not something new to me. The thing that
really got to me though was the realization of how cheap human
life has become in our times. In the bombing of Yugoslavia the
allies repeatedly hit the wrong targets and the only thing they
had to say about was we are sorry, and refered to people as
"casualties of war". In the same mentality the terrorists chose
to hit the World Trade Center at a time when it was sure to
have a lot of people inside in order to make a point. The common
factor in both cases is that human lives were treated as a statistic.
A statistic that defines the winner- whoever kills the most wins-.
Observing the situation as a non-American I can't help but feel
sad about the innocent people that were killed. But there is
another thought that circles in my head. The matter of retaliation.
It is perfectly understandable that Americans are very angry
and anxious to find out who did this in order to make them pay.
But it is very important that everyone concerned in that search
keep a clear head and look for the real guilty parties and not
just an "scape goat". Finally I hope and pray that the greatest
military force in human history is extremely careful about how
it uses its arsenal. One mistake could lead to the end of civilization,
as we know it.
---------------Yiannis Petrohilos

I've been thinking about what has been going on this past week, trying
to find the words to express my thoughts and feelings on the cowardly, yet
deadly acts of violence that have touched American soil. Can you believe
it...A Secondary Ed./English major in his senior year who has taken so many
English courses and has written so many papers on diverse topics can't even
write about something like this!
Anyway, my initial reaction was anger, and then fear. I feel angry
because these "animals" are destroying our way of life. I felt that the
U.S. and its allies should go to whatever country is responsible for the
loss of our great landmarks and exterminate everyone in sight. On the other
hand, I feel fear because now I'm afraid to travel anywhere, regardless of
the means of transport I use. How are we supposed to live our lives now? In
fear? My own opinion is that Americans are now going to be petrified in even
thinking about getting on an airplane, let alone flying in one. In regards
to the thousands of people that have died and those that are missing, this
is what happens to innocent people: they always die over someone else's
beliefs of right and wrong. It happened with Hitler, who felt the Jews were
the cause of Germany's defeat in World War I. As a result, he had them
exterminated. Vin Lauden, or whoever is responsible, in my own opinion, can
possibly be the next Hitler, because he has the financial resources as well
as many radical militant followers who are ready to sacrifice their lives
for what they believe is for some "greater purpose." The enemy's perception
is that America is the land of "imperialistic pigs," who do nothing more
than push the rest of the world around with its military and financial
strength as well as supporting those countries whom the enemy feels should
not be supported financially. The enemy then thought the only way to solve
this "problem" was to wipe out anything that stood for American capitalism,
innocent people included. Yes, I have some negative views about the U.S.
military being on foreign soil, but that's another issue. As I was saying
about security, tightened security checks at airports and at other places
where many people are massed together at a given time should have been
implemented during the 1970's and 80's where terrorist attacks were a common
occurrence. Now, with the advent of NBC warfare (nuclear, biological, and
chemical), the whole practice of war has taken on a whole new meaning.
Killing people from far away in a heavily populated area is more apparent
and available to militant countries than ever before. The very thought of
it makes me tremble with fear. How do you feel?
This is just a piece of my mind I've offered. I'm not sure it will do
any good, since I am still at a loss for words. My hope is that the world,
not just America, will unite and find those responsible and try to let them
feel what the loved ones of the victims are feeling, if those responsible
have any conscience at all.

On tuesday morning the phone rang and my mother told me to turn on the tv. I
was still very tired and unaware of what was going on. Then I saw the tragic
episode unfold before my very eyes. My mother called my father on 3 way
calling and he explained exactly what was happening out of his office window.
They informed me that planes had crashed into several buildings in new york
and in washington. My only reply then was "Did the satelites go down?" It
wasthen and still is now beyond my comprehension that someone would do this
onpurpose, hence why my first initial reaction was that the satelites or some
other technical problem had occured. As these past few days have gone by and
I sit on my couch watching news programs. After this I can say that my
naiveness will never be the same, before this week I would never believe that
people could be so awful and evil. I have lived my life in a bubble and on
tuesday morning that bubble was violently popped and my life has been forever
changed. Now in the aftermath I witness people full of anger, sadness, and
fear. I hope and pray that this will bring the world together and unite us
instead of spread hate. I understand that people are angry and wish to seek
revenge against the people who have cause such devistation. When I hear on
the news that Arab Americans are being persecuted and attacked and threatend
Iam once again astonished at the anger inside of peoples hearts. I'm not
sureexactly how the quote goes but Ghandi once said that if people lived by
motto 'an eye for an eye', the whole world would go blind.
The perfect world I used to live in where villains were taken care of by the
heroes who saved the day has been forever lost.

Hey Giuliani,
I totally agree with your ideas, man. However, Americans will probably
feel that these fucking towelheads and dune coons are up to their tricks
again. Americans need somebody to blame whenever something goes wrong; it
won't be us to blame, because a lot mother-fuckers in this country feel that
they're so perfect because they live in the world's largest superpower. I'm
not saying that I hate America; I cherish my freedom of movment, but to
actually think for one fucking second that we're unstoppable is a fucking
joke!! These son-of-a-bitch bureaucrats and their secretaries (and female
co-workers) who give these guys blowjobs every morning so they can better
their careers just stifle the system. They're the fucking problem. Get rid
of the thousands of mindless, spineless bureaucrats and replace them with
people who actually have some balls (and tits, not these flat-chested
bureaucrat bitches who think they're so sexy), and the problem is solved.
No more beating around the bush when it comes to solving problems and no
more complex-sounding words that politicans use to make themselves seem more
important. Why can't these people take more of a George Patton approach,
who said that "War is the most magnificent competition in which a human
being can indulge." Let the guys get in there and solve the fucking
problem. Don't send some twinkle-toe, pansy-ass fairy faggot to try to be
diplomatic (which is the approach today). We're at war now, and the only
war to win at war is to become war yourself, not avoid it. These sand
niggers don't know diplomacy, they only know how to make weapons of mass
descruction, so reasoning with them will not solve the problem, George W.!!
So let us roll up our fucking sleeves and get our hands dirty once again.
We did it twice against those Nazi bastards, so let us track down bin Laden,
by giving someone who knows where he is a big bag of cash. Then, we should
tie his turban ass to a tree, and shoot boiled potatoes up us ass from a
tennis ball machine until he turns blue. Then, have me do the honor of
telling him how great and sophisicated the Western world is and that Allah
is a fucking farce by singing a couple of songs of mine to him! Then, I'll
cram pages of his fucking Koran down his throat until he chokes to death, if
he's not dead by me telling him how wonderful America is first. That's my
two cents for now, so it's time for me to pour myself a Bud and watch a nice
George Carlin

The Sons of Mohammed will NOT Be Silenced!
(Before I begin, this is NOT a representation of my beliefs, just an
assignment. My Yankees lost the World Series tonight, for the first time
since I was 15, to something called the Dimondbacks, and so I feel that I am
in a dark enough place to write this. If you feel you have to take this
seriously, then fuck off. Sweet dreams, MY.)
On September 10, 2001, Americans went to sleep feeling secure in their
safety, with their great government and armies protecting them and their
material existances. As the American people awoke to the great victories of
the following morning, they also awoke to a new era in the world: The era of
accountability. No longer can a mass of people hide behind the shields of
ignorance and idifference and act as those represent innocence. There are
those that detract from the courageous actios of these great Sons of
Mohammed in saying that they killed innocent people that had no hand in the
wrongs brought against my people, however, I feel that the message, that
those who's names are written on the American flag of citizenship are in
active support of wars against our holy Islamic people, was delivered in the
clearest way possible: In Blood. No longer can a citizen of America sit and
watch as his great army of evil rapes the land of my fathers and mothers. No
longer can they profess no responsibility for the greatest abomination
against my people: the theft of our Palestine and murder of it's rightful
owners. No longer can a U.S. citizen consume the goods produced by the
unlawful and unethical oppression and exploitation of my southeast Asian
brothers and sisters, and simply declare it a consequense of a "free
market." No longer can they devour the very blood and life force of my land
in their vehicles, which destroy the environment created at the hand of the
great and merciful Allah himself.
My very message to those citizens of the western world who consider
themselves righteous: beware the actions carried out by the governments that
do so in your name, lest you be victims of our rebellion. Untill the great
day of victory and true brotherhood at Allah's will, our Jihad against all
those infidells respnsible will continue at the cost of your sons and
daughters, and ours.
Osama bin Laden
(Once again, these do not represent my ideas, just my "alter ego's" May
those who fall victim to oppourtunist zellots such as bin Laden find peace.
Indeed, may we all. Micheil Yohannes. Yanks in 02')

SEPTEMBER 14, 2001
On this date, President George W. Bush addressed 4,000 invitees to the
National Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral. In and of
itself, the speech was magnificent. Moreover, this was, by far, so well
delivered that I had to make sure it was really President Bush delivering it!
The introduction began in an extremely clear manner, addressing the audience
by acknowledging, "We are in the middle of our grief..." President Bush's
introductory purpose was to memorialize the dead, honor the heroic, and
comfort the mourning; he was extremely successful in accomplishing this.
In comforting the audience, President Bush segued into the body of the
speech by referring to the act of terror itself. He remarked that it was
"this conflict was begun on the timing and terms of will end in a
way and at an hour of our choosing." President Bush spoke of his
responsibility to the people of the nation, and promised to bring justice.
The speech was very cohesive as President Bush had previously acknowledged
the heroic, the victimized, and the mourning; he then moved on to acknowledge
the horror of the act, and the fact that he intends to pursue justice for the
American people.
The conclusion of the speech was extremely effective because President
Bush then focused on the exemplary character of the American people in times
of tribulation. President Bush spoke on the subject of renewed brotherhood
when he stated: "Adversity introduces us to ourselves..." President Bush
recounted anecdotes of heroic actions taken by victims in the World Trade
Center and Pentagon as though he knew all the stories personally; by this
time, President Bush had many in the audience weeping. He spoke of many
"eloquent acts of selflessness," and spoke of the "warm courage," and
national unity to our American brothers and sisters in their time of need.
President Bush concluded the speech to his audience by affirming, "God Bless
President Bush's style and language were, in my opinion, near perfect.
This speech was (more than likely) professionally written; nonetheless, the
delivery was also excellent. He spoke clearly, articulately, and truly from
the heart. He maintained his volume, pitch, and variety; his facial
expressions were natural, empathetic, and endearing. He maintained eye
contact, and exuded warmth.
I have not particularly liked George Bush; I do not think he was doing a
very good job on domestic issues, nor do I think he has an adequate command
of the language (my own prejudice). However, I believe this hideous event
has had a profound effect in allowing his true heart to be revealed -- either
that, or he has undergone an astonishingly quick improvement. Even though I
am sure he prepared for his other speeches, all of his previous speeches on
domestic issues have seemed stiff, clumsy, and full of malapropisms. This
speech was eloquent and well-prepared, and President Bush spoke naturally
with none of the tongue-tied nervousness that previously punctuated his
speeches. This was a speech I wish I had written.

Marilynne Troiano