Dead Soldier Speaks to God

by Stacy LaRue



I feel I must begin by introducing myself.  I am twenty years old, male, and deceased.  My name and the period of time from which I have passed is irrelevant because I died fighting a war that I did not believe in, just as millions of other young soldiers have died fighting wars that they did not believe in.  I consider us all a collective conscience a complete whole that travels through time and space experiencing war, death, poverty of spirit, and the actualization that we are expendable pawns in a game that no one ever wins.                                                                                              

No one wins because the art of war is more exciting than the process of peace.  No one wins because mans institutions breed competition, self-righteousness, and greed.  Mans institutions do not encourage love, understanding, and respect.  Love is everywhere, but love is misplaced; love of money, love of self, love of power, and love of war.  Ego and image replace compassion and empathy.  Tolerance is the word of hypocrites, because there is no tolerance.  If there were tolerance there would be no war.  Each party, or individual would be free to be, without judgment.  But, we are not free.  We are judged and we judge.  We call upon the name and will of God as excuses for judgments, crimes, and intolerance of one another.  We call upon the same God.  There is but one God.  He goes by whatever name you call him.  He is not more or less pleased with whatever name you give him.  He is not more or less pleased with how one group or individual chooses to live their life verses another.                                                                                                                        

I live in a space where I visit and observe all of time and space at once, and I speak to God, as all of us here do, and I asked him why from the beginning of time to present day have things changed so little.  There are many physical and technological changes, but there are very base unchanged truths over all of time.  In all of time there is confusion over sex, there is abuse, and there are the basic needs for food, excrement, acceptance, love, and sex.  These never change, although peoples and times seem vastly different.  Basic human need does not change.  The machine that is the human body remains very much the same.  There is another constant that most disturbs me -war.  There is no time in all of my observations that there is not a war being fought.  So I asked God again why has so little changed?                                      

And this is what he said:  Little changes because I have given human beings free will and they have not yet learned how to use it responsibly.  The human race is still adolescent in its knowledge and attitude surrounding free will.  Until people understand that they are indeed all one- race, brothers and sisters one and all, fathered by one and the same God, they will continue to torment one another.  You are all my children; rapist, murders, and innocent babes alike.  But, you live under the misguided notion that some are better than others, some are more deserving than others, and some are more loveable or acceptable than others.  That is not true.                                                                                                                   

I love you all the same; you will all be welcomed home when you choose to believe that is where you belong.  Hell is where you put yourself because you have forgotten who you are and who your father is.  You place yourselves in hell or limbo because deep within you know that you have not lived your life in the spirit and light of your highest power.  Your highest power is the power of God.  I am you and you are I, we are all one.  You do not understand that there is only one being and we are all a part of it. one whole truth.                                                                                                                                

You do not accept the light and love of each other, because you lack respect for what you each have.  You do not respect your father, you do not respect your mother, earth, and you do not respect yourselves.  You fear the unknown instead of appreciating what you have and enjoying the glory of family and other humans.  You attempt to control mortality by killing.  The great games of men, war being the greatest, are those that are violent and you think nobel.  You, foolishly, romanticize the loss of life into heroism or martyrdom.  You fight over my words. 
My messengers are sent to bring you light and love and you battle over which one is right, which one is better.  there is no right or better.  There just is an opening for understanding, but you slam it shut and distort the message to serve your own unenlightened purpose.  You have known many masters, but instead of taking from them what is meaningful to you personally you choose to allow others to decipher the message and extract a distorted meaning that you then follow.  You call the analogous groups religion then you pit one against the others.  This pitting one against the other is the perpetuation war.                                                                                                                                                                          

War is perpetual because you do not think for yourselves.  You do not find your own answers and you do not tolerate differences in others.  Some of you are more enlightened and educated.  You choose not to walk in ignorance and be lead by a distorted message, but each of you, even the masters who have walked among you, pass judgment and have self-righteous ideologies.  I know you take offence to my words, but I speak only the truth.  Do not distort my message - I love you all.  One day maybe you will love yourselves enough to love each other and live in peace.                           

There will be no peace if you continue to go to war and expend your youth.  The feelings of expendability in youth leads to disillusionment, distrust, and disrespect.  Until the youth of all nations is respected and valued the perpetual war will continue.