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and Julia Keefer's wonderful family!

A View of the Parliament Buildings from the Museum of Civilization

Jesse Keefer strolls through Old Montreal. Professor Evergreen does a ballet barre with Habitat 67 in the background. Giggles waits in New York in 2007.

Sister Kathy plays with Dad's great grand child, baby Cora Elyseborn March 21, 2009.

eHere is brother Matthew Wilks with the Vice President of the United States!and brother Ralph with Zoe and Dad Riley and Terri

The Danns on Vancouver Island

The Keefer Danns expand to the Arvidson Danns with babies Cora and Marin! Kathy celebrates a birthday with the shirt I gave her at a lake cottage she rented in the Gatineau Hills for Dad's funeral.

Cora and Marin eat with their parents Cristina and Vince and their grandparents Kathy and John with John's art work on the wall!

On July 28, 2012, our father, Ralph Gardner Keefer, passed away two months shy of 95 from pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease in the Ottawa nursing home. We held a beautiful, heartbreaking memorial for him in the Beechwood Cemetery and the St. Batholomew's Church which he attended every week until he went into the nursing home. We sang Five Hundred Miles and Edelweiss as he requested and said prayers of thanksgiving for all that he gave us. In his memory, may we all cherish the beauty of nature, love of sports and exercise, writing and publishing books, global culture, and family traditions.

Merry Christmas 2012! Happy New Year for 2013!Julia, Peter, and two high school friends, Carl and Steve, meet in December 2014 for lunch at Sapphire, a walk through Central Park, and the Matisse Cut-Out exhibit at MOMA. Julia gave Cora and Marin Doga and Stripey when she went to the MLA convention in Vancouver in January 2015. Sister Squeezie leads her Tai Chi group in Chapel Hill, N.C. Sphinx and the dearly departed souls of Fuzzy, JoJo, Hope, and Giggles are all part of the Keefer Family. Julia works out with her friends at Equinox--Steve Feinberg, Chris Lo, and Lynze in May 2015. Julia is the kinesiologist for Steve's Speedball. Julia also works out with the famous pro-boxer Boyd Melson who has done work for stem cell research and may run for Congress in 2018! Julia takes ballet every week with Felipe at Ballet Arts. Cristina, Vince, and screenwriter Titus came to NYC spring 2015 for a showing of their film With Child. Julia bought Marin a kitty t-shirt for her fourth birthday. Fall 2015 sends Kathy to Italy for another trip to see John while Cora plays with her cat and Marin gets ready for ballet Like Tante Bijoux, they love cats, dance, hiking, nature, story-telling, science, books, movies, and French! Squeezie's grandson Josiah learns to rock climb! Here is Carlos and his son rock climbing in the Shawangunks
Summer 2016 Julia went to the Battery Park Dance Festival where she watched the Isadora Duncan Company, the first dance company where she performed years ago!Fall 2016 Julia dyed her hair red to match the leaves. On October 23, 2016, Zoe, Terri, and Julia did a magnificent tour of the MET, a great place to go any time but especially when we are terminal and in need of transcendence. The Sphinx will be here when we are all gone. The house on East 72nd won the Haunted House contest October 31, 2016. Julia also won third prize in the Ballet Arts costume contest. Felipe won first prize.

Exercise is messy but here she is with extensions, make-up, and retouching: