Summer 2001: Professor Evergreen Camps in the Pacific Northwest: The Spectacular Collision of Rainforest, Surf, Sand, Sun and Stupendous Mountains

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These 1000 year old trees in the Quinault rainforest are wonderful places to sleep for all kinds of animals.










In a culture that values youth, these wise, old trees teach us about respect for the beauty of age and experience, how to provide nourishment to the next generation, how to handle our fear of death and how how to sleep soundly.

The Oregon coastline is wild, angry, tempestuous, filled with shipwrecks. Further inland one can reach great heights and depths. The mountains can be lush and green, or young and jagged.

Because of global warming, glaciers are melting and these mini lahars come tumbling down the mountains, flooding campsites with melting ice, car-sized boulders, and dead bodies.

Evergreen climbed dunes as well as mountains.

Some sites accessed through, the outfitters who meet the challenges, viscissitudes and splendors of nature with excellent equipment, great guides and delicious food!