Visualization for Indoor Cycling Journeys based on outdoor bike trips taken by Dr.Julia Evergreen Keefer 212-734-1083,

Trip One: Mohonk Mountain House

A trip for two along the rail trail, coated with tangerine leaves, and then up Mohonk Mountain, around the lake and the Humpty Dumpty trail, rewarded with dinner for two at Mohonk's sumptuous buffet.

Feel Good Time, 145 BPM, Cadence 60 to 80, HR 50% to 65%, Position One or Two, In the Saddle
Shoulder, neck and back stretches. Work on smooth pedal strokes against the crunchy leaves on the rail trail. Left leg, then right. Gradually increase speed and resistance. Rhythm release.

Love is a Crime, 145 BPM, Cadence 70 to 110, HR 65% to 80%
Increase resistance and speed in the saddle and then jump from One to Two. Turn off the rail trail through farms and apple orchards. To control the bumpy road, you must stay smooth and consistent as you move in and out of the saddle. Your reward is a fresh apple from the trees.

Fighter, 125 BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75% to 85%, Position One, then Three. It's time to head up the Mohonk Mountain bike trails. Turn your knob to the right as far as you can while maintaining a cadence of 60. Sit back in the saddle and push with your heels. Focus on breathing deeply--the fresh autumn air. Imagine that you are surrounded by a heavenly arbor of yellow, orange, and red trees as you continue to increase your resistance, coming out of the saddle to climb in Position Three.

Addicted to Bass, 155 BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 80% to 92% (depending on level), Standing Run in Two moving to a fast sprint in the saddle. We take a fast spin around Duck Pond, which is now filled with bass.

Are You Happy, 117 BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75% to 85%, Standing climb in Position Three. This is our conglomerate climb, right up the beautiful cliffs that make Mohonk so picturesque. Work on good posture in Position Three with deep abdominal breathing. Feel the backs of the legs as you push your heels forward. Our reward is a sneak peek of the gorgeous Mohonk castle in the distance.

High Voltage Love, 125 BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75% to 85%, Jumps from Three to Two. As we continue to climb on the Humpty Dumpty Trail, passing the rock climbers, we must jump in and out of the saddle at faster intervals, concentrating on smooth transitions. Yes, we have arrived at the Mountain House.

Seduce Me Now, 140BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75% to 90%, Standing Run in Two. We bike through Mohonk's famous gardens, moving in and out of labyrinths and arboretums. Catch me if you can!

Secret Love, 154BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 80% to 92%, Sprints from One to Three. Let's race around Lake Mohonk! Make sure you go faster than the horses!

Air Force Ones, 125BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75% to 85%, Climb from One to Three. Let's go to Skytop, the tower that overlooks the entire area. When we reach the top, we increase the resistance to max to climb the tower itself. Our view stretches from the Catskills to New York City.

Soul Deep, 138BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75% to 90%, Jumps in all three positions. We take the long, winding path to come back down to the Mohonk Mountain House. The switchbacks force us to get in and out of the saddle in all positions. The challenge is to maintain a fluid pedal stroke, work the right muscles, and enjoy the stupendous views.

Rock Your Body, 115BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75% to 85%, Climb with a few jumps in Positions Two and Three. To get ready for our Slickrock adventure, let's take a short trip through the rock caves at lake level. Soon we will be rocking in those rocking chairs on the Mohonk porch.

Burn 4 You, 124BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 70% to 80%, Endurance but lactic acid flush. Let's take another trip around the lake, the short way, fast, light, but free. The objective is to get rid of lactic acid so your thighs DON'T burn tomorrow.

The One, 140BPM, Cadence 60-70, HR 50% to 65%, Recovery. Relax, recover, and stretch. Now you can enjoy the sumptuous buffet with your favorite partner.

Trip Two: Crashing through the Coastline of Oregon

Endurance, Wind Resistance, and Throughway Breakthroughs

Wake Up, 145BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 50% to 70%, Waking up. Stretch. Pedal south from Portland down the Oregon coast.

I Drove All Night Long, 145BPM, Cadence 80-110, 65% to 75%. Endurance sprinkled with sprints as the wind attacks the expressway. Increase the resistance and pedal fast for 30 second sprints to avoid getting pushed to the center of the road, breaking away from One to Three.

Get Party Started, 125BPM, Cadence 80-100, 70% to 80%. Jumps from an endurance base, trying to move smoothly in and out of the saddle as you rock up and down small hills.

Rubbernecking, 152BPM, Cadence 80-110, 85%-92%. This is a race. Go as fast as you can in One, Two, and Three.

Die Another Day, 125BPM, Cadence 60-80, 60% -80%. Recover until your Heart Rate drops and then start to climb, gradually increase resistance, and moving from One to a steady climb in Three.

In Your Life, 137BPM, Cadence 60-90, 70%-85%. Continue the climb in One, Two, and Three, increasing the cadence.

Alone, 140BPM, Cadence 80-110, 75% -85%. We reached a plateau and need a little speed to approach a mountain.

Cry Me a River, 125BPM, Cadence 70-100, 75%-90%. Let's climb the mountain in search of the river.

Mesmerize, 115BPM, Cadence 60-80, 75%-90%. Yeah, it's steep, but the view is worth it.

Hit the Freeway, 125BPM, Cadence 80-110, 75%-85%. Let is loose as we head back down to the freeway.

Intuition, 136BPM, Cadence 80-110, 70%-80%. Let's run to the those sand dunes!

Luv Da Shine, 125BPM, Cadence 60-90, 50-70%. Bring it all home and on to the beach for a swim. Then climb a tree and take a nap.Pleasant Dreams!

TRIP THREE: Utah Red Rock and Slickrock: The Hardest Interval Training Ever!


One spring I took a mountain bike and tent to the Colorado River Valley near Moab, Utah. I camped by the Colorado River, and spent 5-8 hours a day biking through the red canyons, and up and down the famous Slickrock trail, which resembles a stone roller coaster.

Sweat Soakin Wet, 140BPM, Cadence 60-90, HR 50%-75%. Let's warm up briskly and doing a lot of stretching before this challenging interval ride.

Bad Day, 140BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 70%-85%. Running with resistance will give us the momentum to attack the oncoming roller coaster.

Public Affair, 125BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75%-85%. Let's sprint up this hill.

Sexy Back, 117BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75%-90%. Think of your sexy back as you jump on these hills.

Video Killed, 131BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 80% to 90%. Race you to the next bump!

Hips Don't Lie, 125BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75%-85%. Stay steady on these jumps as we go up and down the Slickrock Trail.

Maniac, 157BPM, Cadence 80 to the hereafter, HR 85%-92%. This is the fastest race yet!

Faster Kill V, 126BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 85%-92%. Try to keep up the cadence as you turn up that resistance.

Deja Vu, 115BPM, Cadence 60-90, HR 75%-85%. This is a STEEP climb.

Call Me, 136BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75%-85%. Relax into a brisk standing run.

Disco Inferno TT, 125BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75%-85%. Then into a seated sprint.

Ain't No Other Man, 136BPM, Cadence 60-110. Stretch out on a standing flat as your man prepares a hearty lunch.

Jump MD, 130BPM, Cadence 60-80. Take a few final jumps and then sit in the saddle for a long stretch.

Trip Four: Tahoe and The Big Mountains

Apache, 143BPM, Cadence 60-80. HR 50-65%. Relax, stretch, and focus before the big climbs.

Say Something, 140BPM, Cadence 60-80. HR65%-75%. Perfect your pedal stroke on this seated climb.

Temperature, 125BPM, Cadence 60-80. HR 75-85%. As your temperature rises on this standing climb, enjoy the cool moutain air.

Promiscuous, 114BPM, Cadence 60-80. HR 75-90%. Turn the resistance WAY up now. This is a very steep climb!

Bossy Club, 144BPM, Cadence 80-110. HR 80-90%. We are still climbing but with less resistance so turn up the speed and sprint!

So What, 120BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75-85%. The terrain is rough but uneven and we are still climbing--jumps on a hill.

Get Up "C", 136BPM, Cadence 80-110, HR 75%-85%. We are still climbing but the road is smoother so let's run with resistance.

Crowded, 110BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75%-85%. As we approach the summit, the path is narrow and steep for another standing climb.

London Bridge, 110BPM, Cadence 60-80, HR 75%-85%. We start in a seated climb, and lighten the resistance into a standing flat as we circle the summit and enjoy the views.

Medley, 125-140BPM, Cadence 80-110. HR 75%-85%. With an endurance base, let's do a few brisk sprints as we go back to base camp..

First Time, 125BPM, Cadence 80-110. HR 50-65%. You deserve a long recovery after this exhilirating climb and a swim.



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