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The excerpt I am about to read to you comes from a manual which was found by the Manchester Metropolitan police in England while searching an Al Qaeda memberšs home. The manual was found in a computer file named "the military series" related to the "Declaration of Jihad." The manual was translated in English and was introduced earlier this year at the embassy bombing trial in New York. The site does not reveal how many pages the manual actually is but 85 pages are available on the internet. However it is stated that not everything has been published to avoid educating terrorists or encouraging terrorist acts. The manual is made up of 12 Lessons each of which has a different topic. In this paper I will talk about lesson number six which is entitled "Training."

This chapter mainly discusses the security precautions that need to be taken while training, in three major areas: The place, the trainers and the trainees.

The Place

There are 13 parameters that need to be taken into consideration when looking for a suitable place to set up a training camp. The first one is that it has to be far from populated areas but at the same time it might have access to the living necessities. Secondly, medical services must be available during the training. Moreover the area must be suitable for physical, shooting and tactical exercises to take place. The next term mentions that the location should be kept secret to anyone except the trainers and trainees. Additionally many roads and entrances are necessary for a place to be picked as a suitable training camp. Furthermore the place should be visited at suitable times. The seventh requirement says that immediately after every training session all visible traces of the training must be hidden. Moreover the camp must be guarded during every training session. Also the existing facilities have to be appropriate for the number of training members. Anyone who is not part of the training program must be excluded. Additionally all the security measures have to be taken concerning the establishment. Moreover the place has to be at a distance from police stations, public establishments and the eyes of informants. Finally the training camp should be situated in such a place that the trainees cannot be seen by another location

The Trainees

Before being accepted to the training camp the candidates have to pass through all the procedures connected with unmasking undercover personnel. Also during training safety personnel should be ensured. The selection of the trainees should be done very carefully. Moreover the trainees should not know one another. Small groups of 7-10 trainees will be formed which will have to be together at all times during training. Another parameter is that the trainees should not know the training place. Finally a different training plan is established for every trainee.


In order not to expose the training team to any risks only the trainers conducting exercises are allowed at the training place. Furthermore the trainers must under no circumstances reveal their identity to the trainees. Moreover a small ratio should be kept between trainers and trainees. Finally the training members must not know one another. Courtesy of Yiannis Petrohilos