Body Therapies

Although therapists may specialize in one kind of therapy, it's good to have an overview of the many ways one can approach healing. Sometimes it's best to use the rhythm and pressure of your hands over the patient's flesh; sometimes you need scientific machines and analyses. You may want to integrate the body as a whole with postural retraining or an ideokinetic technique. Often it is the mindbody connection that is flawed and they may need sex and/or psychophysical therapy. Perhaps they need herbal therapy and/or a better diet. Practically you must stay within the confines of the discipline in which you are licensed, i.e. physical therapy, massage, nutrition etc. but your knowledge and imagination should include as broad a picture of the mindbody as possible. While in university you can play with the dynamics of therapist/patient relationships, boundaries, perceptions of time and space and body language. You can take risks as you improvise with actors and writers so that you feel more secure and capable when confronted with a real patient.

Performers and writers can learn more about the science of human relations to help them create characters.

Bodies in the workplace can act out threatening situations and bring them to a catharsis that would never be allowed in a corporation. This will increase your sensitivity to the volatile psychodynamics underlying all relaltionships and help alleviate stress. Don't turn your bodies into putty in corporate hands!

Physical Therapy
Neuromuscular Integration
Herbal Therapy and Nutrition
Sex Therapy
Psychophysical Therapy

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