Disease, Health and Character

Why are most protagonists given a dramatic or comic flaw such as obesity, greed, jealousy, ambition, pride etc.?
How does this flaw precipitate motivation and action and lead to transformation or revelation?
Is health a goal that is never reached? Do writers, performers and therapists feed on sickness, imperfection and disease? What is the ratio of character imperfection to the different genres of tragedy, comedy, dramedy and drama?

Why are disease dramas like E.R. and the TV films so popular in our culture? There is usually at least one M.D. or medical specialist working on every show to capture the reality of sickness. Are we sick? Or is disease the only dragon left to fight?

New age medicine practices the concept of cultivating wellness as opposed to curing sickness. Will drama change to defensively maintain a utopia of health instead of waging wars against disease, crime and violence?

If you are a therapist, do you first notice what is healthy or sick about your patient?
If you are a performer, do you magnify the flaw of your character first or find it in yourself before you create the character's strengths?
If you are a writer, do you describe the bad things about a person before the good ones?
If you are a body in the workplace, do you exaggerate or ignore your colleagues' imperfections?
As you interact with others, are you self-conscious about your own imperfections? What disease do you fear most?
Do you think overcoming disease is a way of developing one's character?

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