Eternal Spring by Marble and MC supervised by Julia Keefer inspired by Rodin for a scene at the MET in Manic Magnificent Metamorphic Manhattan, second tome of the Rock Trilogy 2008-2020

They dance together: limbs bending
in the same direction covering
sexes with dark promises unending
chiaroscuro of beauty playing
her neck naked and her face flowering
into his hand seizing her arm making
her breasts embrace the sky foreshadowing
legs entwined in luscious lines
cushioned on a mosaic of marble
immortalized in a bed that will never soil
Rodin created art from their amorous coil
and I am the medium of marble.

How lucky they are!

Love could be purple grapes and mulberries--

I am hungry.

My job is to make eternal stories
into magnificent marble sculptures
of Peace-blossom, Cobweb, and Mustard-seed
a ménage a trois to satisfy all need…

How jealous I am:
Jean and Joan had sex once to make Jake
but Jake made up for their abstinence with his charming promiscuity until
he married Priceless, a gorgeous dancer,
(Maureen and Deb mothered Priceless)
who cheats on him with a hydro-fracking gas magnate.
Anyway Litonya vowed only to love rocks
but is now getting Rodney’s rocks off
and they just gave birth to baby Kisele (in Central Park)
Rodney’s parents still have sex on their water-bed
watching their buoyant bodies as they give …
become balloons on the mirrored ceiling.
Sandrine and Ibrahim are Muslim parents
of triplets Delphine, Naguib, and Omar.
Sufi Orhan wed Nikos the Scholar
as soon as gay weddings became legal.
Boyd the boxer is crazy about Cheering Spear
who prefers him to Sam the fracker because she likes boxing better than fracking although Sam has more money
but Boyd graduated from West Point and is now a fireman…

Why are you explaining this to me?
I glow when you get wet
I shine as you sweat
I keep your secrets and disguise your smell
when hormones rage and organs swell
soaked in semen and sweat, sex steals
the wings of painted butterflies, not love--
eternal spring and midsummer night’s dream
use marble and poems to make it seem
like love is as real as a scream--

It is not.
In real life love follows food, family, and fortune.
You don’t own eternal spring:
Eternal Spring is also the name of a nursery school, an acupuncture treatment, and a retirement home.