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Book References:

Professional Java 2 Enterprise Edition with BEA WebLogic Server,
Francisco Gomez, Peter Zadrozny
Wrox Press Inc
ISBN: 1861002998, 10/2000

Programming with VisiBroker: A Developer's Guide to Visibroker for Java,
Vijaykumar Natarajan, Stefan Reich, and Bhaskar Vasudevan
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471376825, 10/2000

Advanced Java 2 Development for Enterprise Applications,
ISBN: 0-13-084875-1

Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition,
AW Shannon
ISBN: 0-201-70456-0

Recommended books on Java:

Advanced Java 2 Platform
by H. M. Deitel, P. J. Deitel, and S. E. Santry
Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0-13-089560-1

Object-Oriented Programming featuring Graphical Applications in Java
by Michael J. Laszlo
Addison-Wesley, 2002, ISBN 0-201-72627-0

Java Rules
by Douglas Dunn
Addison-Wesley, October 2001, ISBN 0-201-70916-3

Effective Java Programming Language Guide
by Joshua Bloch
Addison Wesley, September 2001, ISBN 0-201-310058

The Java Tutorial, Third Edition
by Mary Campione, Kathy Walrath, Alison Huml
Addison-Wesley, August 2001, ISBN 0-201-70393-9

Enterprise Java Performance
by Steven L Halterm and Steven J. Munroe
PHPTR, 2001, ISBN 0-13-017296-0

Program Development in Java
by Barbara Liskov with John Guttag
Addison Wesley, 2001, ISBN 0-201-65768-6

Advanced Techniques for Java Developers, Revised Edition
by Daniel J. Berg, and J. Steven Fritzinger
Wiley, 1999, ISBN 0-471-32718-2

Waite Group's Java 1.2 How-To
by Steve Potts
Sams, January 1999, ISBN 157169157X

Just Java 1.2, Fourth Edition
by Peter van der Linden
Prentice Hall, January 1999, ISBN 0-13-010534-1

Software Engineering Techniques (tools & project management):

Program Generators with XML and Java
by J. Craig Cleaveland
PHPTR, 2001, ISBN 0-13-025878-4

Building Parsers with Java
by Steven John Metsker
Addison Wesley, March 2001, ISBN 0-201-71962-2

Java 1.2 and Javascript for C and C++ Programmers, Revised Edition
by Michael C. Daconta, Al Saganich, and Eric Monk
Wiley Computer Publishing, March 1999, ISBN 0-471-32719-0

Java in Practice: Design Styles and Idioms for Effective Java
by Nigel Warren, and Phil Bishop
Addison-Wesley, January 1999, ISBN 0-201-36065-9

Mission-Critical Java Project Development
Business Strategies, Applications, and Development
by Gregory C. Dennis, and James R. Rubin
Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series, 1999, ISBN 0-201-32573-X

Java/C++ Cross-Reference Handout
by Frederick F. Chew
Prentice Hall, 1998, ISBN 0-13-848318-3

Core Technologies (API core packages, collections, input method, drag and drop, virtual machine, swing, JNI):

The Java Class Libraries, Second Edition, Volume 1:
Supplement for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v1.2
by Patrick Chan, Rosanna Lee, and Doug Kramer
Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0201485524

The Java Virtual Machine Specification, Second Edition
by Tim Lindholm, and Frank Yellin
Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-43294-3

Java I/O
by Elliotte Rusty Harold
O'Reilly & Associates, April 1999, ISBN 1-56592-485-1

Java Foundation Classes: Swing Reference
by Stephen C. Drye, and William C. Wake
Manning Publications, March 1999, ISBN 1-88477-767-8

Pure JFC Swing
by Satyaraj Pantham
Sams, February 1999, ISBN 0-67231-423-1

JFC Unleashed
by Michael Foley
Sams, January 1999, ISBN 0789714663

Java 1.2 Class Libraries Unleashed
by Krishna Sankar
Sams, January 1999, ISBN 078971292X

Core Java 1.2 Volume 1: Fundamentals, Fourth Edition
by Cay Horstmann, and Gary Cornell
Prentice Hall, December 1998, ISBN 0-13-081933-6

Java By Example 1.2, Third Edition
by Jerry Jackson, and Alan McClellan
Prentice Hall, December 1998, ISBN 0-13-079669-7

Essential JNI: Java Native Interface
by Rob Gordon
Prentice Hall, March 1998, ISBN 0-13-679895-0

Inside the Java Virtual Machine
by Bill Venners
Computing McGraw-Hill, February 1998, ISBN 0079132480

Exploring Java, 2nd Edition
by Patrick Niemeyer, and Joshua Peck
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., September 1997, ISBN 1-56592-271-9

Distributed Computing (RMI-IIOP, Java IDL, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java 2 Security, JNDI, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Transaction API (JTA), Java Transaction Service (JTS), Java Mail):

Java.rmi The Remote Method Invocation Guide
by Esmond Pitt, and Kathleen McNiff
Addison Wesley, 2001, ISBN 0-201-70043-3

Enterprise JavaBeans
by Richard Monson-Haefel
O'Reilly & Associates, March 2000, ISBN 1565928695

Distributed Programming with Java
by Qusay H. Mahmoud
Manning, 2000, ISBN 1-884777-65-1

Programming with Enterprise JavaBeans, JTS, and OTS: Building Distributed Transactions with Java and C++
by Andreas Vogel, and Madhaven Rangarao
John Wiley & Sons, May 1999, ISBN 0471319724

Java Network Programming, Second Edition
by Merlin Hughes, Michael Shoffner, and Derek Hammer
Manning, May 1999, ISBN 188477749X

Enterprise JavaBeans: Developing Component-Based Distributed Applications
by Tom Valesky
Addison Wesley, May 1999, ISBN 0-201-60446-9

Developing Java Enterprise Applications
by Stephen Asbury, and Scott R. Weiner
Wiley Computer Publishing, March 1999, ISBN 0-471-32756-5

Java 2 Networking
by Justin Couch
Computing McGraw-Hill, March 1999, ISBN 0-07-132756-5

Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code
by Gary McGraw, and Edward W. Felten
Wiley Computer Publishing, February 1999, ISBN 0-471-31952-X

Java Distributed Objects
by Bill McCarty, and Luke Cassady-Dorion
Sams, January 1999, ISBN 0-67231-537-8

JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice
Tutorial and Reference Guide
by Eric Freeman, Susanne Hupfer, and Ken Arnold
Addison-Wesley; The Jini Series, 1999, ISBN 0-201-30955-6

Special Edition Using Java 1.2
by Joe Weber
QUE, October 1998, ISBN 0-7897-1529-5

Advanced Java Development for Enterprise Applications
by Clifford J. Berg
Prentice Hall, July 1998, ISBN 0-13-080461-4

The Awesome Power of Java Beans
by Lawrence H. Rodrigues
Mannings, June 1998, ISBN 1884777562

Java Beans for Real Programmers
by Peter Wayner
Academic Press, June 1998, ISBN 0-12-738670-X

Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA, 2nd Edition
by Robert Orfali, and Dan Harkey
Wiley Computer Publishing, March 1998, ISBN 0-471-24578-X

Java Programming with CORBA, Second Edition
by Andreas Vogel, and Keith Duddy
Wiley Computer Publishing, March 1998, ISBN 0-471-24765-0

Web Technologies (Java Servlets Web Server, Java & XML, Java & Application Servers, Visual XML):

Professional Java XML
by Kal Ahmed et al.
ISBN: 1-861004-01-X, 2001

Server-Side Java Programming for Web Developers
by John Avila
Scott/Jones, Inc., 2001, ISBN 1-57676-042-1

Internet Applications with the Java 2 Platform
by Art Gittleman
Scott/Jones, Inc., 2001, ISBN 1-57676-052-9

XML Development with Java 2
by Michael C. Daconta and Al Saganich
ISBN: 0-672-31653-6, October 2000

Server-Based Java Programming
by Ted Neward
Manning, 2000, ISBN 1-884777-71-6

Inside Servlets: Server-Side Programming for the Java Platform
by Dustin R. Callaway
Addison Wesley, May 1999, ISBN 0-201-37963-5

XML and Java: Developing Web Applications
by Hiroshi Maruyama, Kento Tamura, and Naohiko Uramoto
Addison Wesley, May 1999, ISBN 0201485435

Java & XML,
O'Reilly, Mc Laughlin
ISBN: 0-596-00016-2

Java Servlet Programming
by Hunter, Crawford, and Ferguson
O'Reilly & Associates, December 1998, ISBN 156592391X

Programming Web Components
by Reaz Hoque, and Tarun Sharma
Computing McGraw-Hill, January 1998, ISBN 0-07-912316-3

Database Technology (JDBC, Java and ODBMS):

JDBC(TM) API Tutorial and References, Second Edition:
Universal Data Access for the Java(TM) 2 Platform
by Seth White, et al
Java Series, 1999, ISBN 0201433281

Operating Systems' related technology (Aglets & MetaJava, JINI, JavaOS (Kona)):

The Jini Specifications Second Edition
by Ken Arnold
Addison Wesley, December 2000, ISBN 0-201-72617-3

Core Jini
by Edwards W. Keith
Prentice Hall, July 1999, ISBN 013014469X

Programming Application for Netscape Servers
by Kaveh Gh. Bassiri
Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-41970-X

Inside the JavaOS Operating System
by Tom Saulpaugh, and Charles Mirho
Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN 0-201-18393-5

Programming and Deploying Java Mobile Agents with Aglets
by Danny Lange, and Mitsuru Oshima
Addison-Wesley, September 1998, ISBN 0-201-32582-9

Constructing Intelligent Agents with Java:
A Programmer's Guide to Smarter Applications
by Joseph Bigus, and Jennifer Bigus
Wiley Computer Publishing, January 1998, ISBN 0-471-19135-3

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