Extreme Java Grading Guidelines.



Theory Part : 5 pts


Project Part : 5 pts



The documentation will be graded according to how well it relates to and supports the project implementation (e.g., use cases, testing scenarios, etc.)

Screenshots must be included into the hard copy report.




For example, in assignment 2a, the implementation of the query mechanism would be different from the query interface implementation. So, in this case, 1.5 points would be allotted to each.




Base Total : 10






Extra credit:







Awesome Total : 15+








Regarding the Project, do let the Professor, Teaching Assistants, and Graders know in case things do not work out the way they should. For example, there may be compatibility issues, installation problems, or other more serious issues. Try resolving them, keep the Professor, Teaching Assistants and Graders updated, and demonstrate that you are putting your best effort into the project. Your hard work will definitely be compensated via (extra) credit towards your homework. We expect at least a working implementation of the project (2.25pts). But of course, we expect the best (3pts). And as mentioned earlier, any creative ideas will lead to extra credit.






If, for some reason, you need an extension to complete your assignment, you must send a request directly to the professor and cc either TA/grader. You will then need to forward the professor's email approving your request to either TA/grader in order to get an "official" extension. And extension w/o a request would cost you -10% of your total points for the first week and +15% thereon. Also, extensions will not be granted when requested after the assignment due date.