G22.3033-002 Data Mining - Spring 2010

Class Signup Sheet

Please fill out and return this sheet to the instructor next week. Note that this handout is double-sided!


Email address:
Year, School, and Major:
Are you taking the class for a grade, P/NC, or auditing?
Why are you taking this class? (Please circle all those that are appropriate.)
  1. You have a systems and/or management background.
  2. You are currently working for a company that uses data warehousing and/or data mining.
  3. You are currently using data warehousing and/or data mining technologies.
  4. To fulfill a requirement (please list which one below).
  5. You thought that learning about data warehousing and/or data mining would be cool.
  6. The class fits nicely into your schedule.
  7. Anyone with a strange name like Jean-Claude Franchitti has got to be a great teacher.
  8. Other:

List your experience with using computers. (i.e. have you surfed the web, do you have a personal computer, what sort of applications have you used, class you took in high school etc.)

What are you hoping to learn in this class?

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