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Business Process Management Related Technology and Tools:

Open Source UML Tools:

  • ArgoUML, a free research modeling tool; fairly fully featured; the main goal is to have a Really Useful user interface, unlike almost all existing CASE tools; there is a commercial version of this tool that goes by the name Poseidon and is marketed by a Gentleware; they offer a free community edition as well as fancier editions that cost real money. You can download Gentleware's Poseidon for UML Community Edition 1.6 and look at the on-line documentation here. (Note that if you download with the Java Web Start option, you may need to download Java Web Start first.) Poseidon for UML has limitations, but has the advantage of being freely available.
  • EclipseUML (Omondo) is a free plug-in for UML modeling in Eclipse IDE
  • DIA, a freeware/GPL drawing tool based on GTK; supports UML and other kinds of diagrams; this is intended to be a freeware Visio-like drawing tool rather than a modeling tool; DIA now comes standard with many Linux distributions.
  • Umbrello, a GPL modeling tool that runs under KDE and Linux. This tool supports code generation as well as reverse engineering (code to UML) for C++ and Java.
  • Violet, a very simple GPL drawing tool written by Cay Horstmann. All of the comments on UMLet below apply to Violet, as it is pure Java (single jar file) and very simple to use/learn.
  • UMLet, a small, very simple, and easy-to-use drawing tool (as opposed to a fully fledged modeling tool) from the Technical University of Vienna. It is free for educational and non-commercial use. While it is pure Java, the jar file is so small (v1.0 is less than 60K) that it should run well for most people. This tool will not scale up to heavyweight modeling of large systems.
  • ObjecteeringUML (Windows/Linux)
  • PoseidonUML (Java - cross platform)
  • ProxyDesigner (Windows)
  • JUG - Java UML Generator
  • UML Modeller (KDE app for Linux)
  • UML Library for Java
  • Quick UML for Java
  • UML Sculptor

Commercial UML Tools:

  • IBM Design and construction tools, the best known UML tools (e.g., Rational Rose Technical Developer). These tools are unfortunately rather expensive. It is possible to obtain 15 day trial downloads of some of the IBM design and construction tools on that same page.
  • Visual Paradigm for UML (
  • Visio (MicrosoftVisio) designed to be a top notch commercial drawing tool, rather than a reverse engineering or modeling tool per se; that is, the tool/stencil lets you draw vanilla pictures that look like UML but doesn't give you fancy cross referencing between diagrams. The disadvantage of Visio is that it does not provide syntax checking for diagrams, so it is possible to draw diagrams that are not well-formed.
  • Jude, a free UML tool that seems to be available in English and Japanese. The authors intend to create a "plus" version for which they will charge money, while keeping the basic (fairly fully featured) version free (July 2003).
  • Together Designer 2006, a commercial tool; pure Java; full version can be had for free for academic use.
  • Cetus (see below also) has an excellent page on OOA/OOD tools, including (ahem) a link back to this page.
  • gModeler is a free online tool for drawing UML class diagrams. It's written in FlashMX.
  • SmartDraw is meant to be a competitor for Visio (i.e., it is a drawing tool rather than a modeling tool).
  • MetaEdit+ is a "forward" engineering tool for editing design of methods. It claims to be both a CASE and a meta-CASE tool in that you can plug in your own subcomponenets. It supports UML plus several other notations. It runs on Win32 and several Unices, and the Linux version is "free for non-commercial use" (October, 2003).
  • Select Component Architect specializes in UML support to aid in component-based design (CBD) and business system design. Apparently, this tool suite has been around for over 10 years; previous names include Select Enterprise and Select OMT Professional (August 2003).
  • Visual Paradigm for the Unified Modeling Language (VP-UML) is a UML CASE suite that supports Java code generation.
  • SequenceSketcher is a MacOS-X application for drawing sequence diagrams only.
  • ProxyDesginer by is a free PC-based tool for creating and sharing UML software designs.
  • JVision is a commercial tool intended to help reverse engineer (and then presumably re-engineer) Java source code libraries into UML diagrams; demo downloadable.
  • iUML from Kennedy-Carter provides "Intelligent support for Executable UML" and runs on NT and Unix. A free "lite" version is available.
  • Embarcadero Describe, a commercial tool formerly known as GDPro. It is "a UML tool that runs under Windows (supports C++, Delphi, Java, VB, IDL)" from MicroGold.
  • WinA&D and MacA&D from Excel Software claim to be the only fully compliant UML tools for both Win and Mac platforms; their translator tools can generate UML class models from C++, Java or Object Pascal.
  • HAT (HOORA Analysis Tool) provides support for UML using the HOORA process, and claims to support Rose model imports, automatic diagrams (static model, dynamic model, package summary), requirements management and traceability, hierarchy support, dictionary support, Word documentation generation, C++ code generation, COM interface, and more.
  • ObjectDomain claims to support full UML; written in pure Java; demo downloadable.
  • Visual UML.
  • Enterprise Architect (

UML Resources:

Articles and White Papers on UML:

Other Books:

  • Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2000 and UML, (288 pages) Terry Quatrani, Addison Wesley, 2000.
    ISBN: 0201699613.
  • OOA&D Using UML Student Manual, Rational University, IBM (Rational Corp).
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design,  Robert V. Stumpf and Lavette C. Teague, Jr., 2003
  • Fundamental of Object-Oriented Design in UML, (458 pages) Meiler Page-Jones, Addison Wesley, 2000.
    ISBN: 020169946X.
  • The Unified Modeling Language User Guide, (482 pages) G. Booch, J. Rambaugh and I. Jakobson, Addison Wesley, 1998.
    ISBN: 0201571684.
  • The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual, (550 pages) J. Rambaugh, I. Jakobson and G. Booch, Addison Wesley, 1998.
    ISBN: 020130998X.
    Also available in PDF format (online browsing version, not printable)
  • The Rational Unified Process, An Introduction, (320 pages) Philippe Kruchten, Addison Wesley, 2000.
    ISBN: 0201707101.
  • R. Martin, Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices, Prentice Hall, 2002 (ISBN: 0-135-97444-5).
  • C. Atkinson et al, Component-Based Product Line Engineering with UML, Addison-Wesley, 2001, (ISBN 0-201-73791-4).
  • A. Cockburn, Writing Effective Use Cases, Addison Wesley, 2000
    (ISBN: 0-201-70225-8).
  • M. Fowler and K. Scott, UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language, 2nd Edition, Addison Wesley, 2002
    (ISBN: 0-201-65783-X).
  • I. Jacobson, G. Booch, and J. Rumbaugh, Unified Software Development Process, Addison Wesley, 1999, (ISBN: 0-201-57169-2).
  • S. Schach, Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design,
    McGraw-Hill, 2003, (ISBN: 0-072-82646-0).

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