G22.2440-001 Software Engineering - Spring 2012

Class Signup Sheet

Please fill out and return this sheet to the instructor next week. Note that this handout is double-sided!


Email address:
Year, School, and Major:
Are you taking the class for a grade, P/NC, or auditing?
Why are you taking this class? (Please circle all those that are appropriate.)
  1. You have a CS background.
  2. You are currently a software developer, business analyst, project manager.
  3. You are currently involved in a software development project.
  4. To fulfill a requirement (please list which one below).
  5. You would like to learn more about software engineering methodologies and related technologies.
  6. Your significant other is a nerd, oops I mean an IT specialist, and you want to find out what they're talking about.
  7. The class fits nicely into your schedule.
  8. Anyone with a strange name like Jean-Claude Franchitti has got to be a great teacher.
  9. Other:

List your experience with using Software Engineering methodologies. (i.e., what related technologies have you used?, what sort of applications have you developed?, related classes you took previously, etc.)

What are you hoping to learn in this class?

jcf (followed by @, then cs, then a dot, then nyu, then a dot, and then edu)