New York University

Computer Science Department

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences


Course Title: Software Engineering                                                                            Course Number: g22.2440-001

Instructor: Jean-Claude Franchitti                                                                                Session: 7


Team Project (Part 2)


1. Conjecture


As part of the team project (part 1), you developed a high-level description of your project topic, a business model, and an overall system specification. In this second part, you will focus on designing “portable” data for your application using UML. You should review session 4 handouts titled “Information Modeling with XML” and “Using UML to Model Application of XML”. These documents provide practical documentation on XML and the use of UML to model portable data. Later phases of the project will bear on static and dynamic modeling such as that used in the agile modeling approach. You will then learn how to implement a finished product using a software development methodology.

2. Deliverables


Deliverables for the second part of your project are as follows:


  • Identify portable data to be used in your application. Please focus on the parts of your application for which you intend to implement a complete piece of software as part of your project. Document the corresponding information structures and represent them informally in XML form (i.e., provide sample XML data initially).
  • Document the portable data identified above using UML
  • Select and use a tool to generate corresponding XML schema(s) for your portable (XML) data. It is recommended that you use the HyperModel tool ( to generate XML schema(s) from UML model(s).
  • Use the XML schema(s) generated above to formally define a sample information structure in XML form. You may use an XML Editor such as XMLSpy ( to facilitate this part of the exercise.

3. Project Submission Guidelines


  • Project documentation should be submitted both electronically and in printed form. You need to submit the printed form for quick review and marking as well as the electronic form.
  • In case of electronic submission please make a zip or tar package of all the documents and the model (*.mdl, *.vsd, *.xmi, etc.) files and please include a “readme” file mentioning the name and version of the tool that was used to generate the documents.
  • The electronic version of project assignments should be forwarded to the course TA by email.
  • Inquiries about the project assignments can be forwarded to the TA and/or course instructor.