Use Case Specification


Use Case ID: {This should be coded to identify the owning team and the level of the use case}

Use Case Name: {Short descriptive phrase}

Relevant requirements: {Reference to other relevant requirements documents.}

Primary Actor:  {Main sub-system/entity that initiates use}

Pre-conditions: {Requirements on the state of the system prior to this use being valid.}

Post-conditions: {This describes the state of the system following the successful completion of this use. Effects on other systems and actors may also be described.}

Basic Flow or Main Scenario: {Numbered flow of events: 1 The user initiates an action by…  2 The system responds by...}

Extensions or Alternate Flows: {This section presents variations on this use case. It presents those use cases that have an extends relation with the current use case.}

Exceptions: {This section describes all error conditions that can arise in the use case.}

Related Use Cases: {use cases that are either usually performed just before or after the current use.}


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