New York University

Computer Science Department

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences


Course Title: Software Engineering                                                                            Course Number: g22.2440-001

Instructor: Jean-Claude Franchitti                                                                                Session: 2


Team Project Specification


1. Projects


Projects may be selected from the list below. You may also select any other project related to a system development that you are interested in. All project selected must abide to the project requirements stated in the Course Description and Syllabus.


  1. On-line customer order processing
  2. On-line auction system
  3. Electronic shopping cart
  4. Electronic shopping mall (bookstore, PC parts shop, etc.)
  5. Transaction processing (pay at the pump, etc.)
  6. ATM bank system
  7. On-line bank system
  8. On-line university (course selection, registering, maintaining course syllabi, etc.) 
  9. Electronic secretary (for office assistance, for assistance to people with disabilities, etc.)
  10. Agent-based system (tutoring and learning system, electronic market system, etc.)
  11. Personal assistant for collaborative game playing system
  12. Personal assistant for network management system
  13. Personal assistant for software system testing and reliability management
  14. Personal assistant for metrics collection
  15. Graphics or text editor (UML or business modeling editor, etc.)



1.       Projects are for teams of 2 or 4 members.

2.       Please select your team member(s) and project and email the project title you selected, your project description, and your and your team members’ names and contact emails.

3.       It is strongly recommended that you suggest other projects if you want.

4.       Deliverables for the first part of your project are:

·         Executive summary of the project (explain the overall functions of the system, benefits of the system, target clients, etc.)

·         A conceptual business architecture diagram

·         System overall specification (text may include graphics)

·        A BPMN business model for the project including: a business process hierarchy, an organizational hierarchy, and business process maps for at least two Elementary Business Processes.


2. How to Submit?


  • The documents should be submitted both electronically and in printed form. You need to submit the printed form for quick review and marking as well as the electronic form.
  • In case of electronic submission please make a zip or tar package of all the documents and the model (*.mdl, *.vsd, *.xmi, etc.) files and please include a “readme” file mentioning the name and version of the tool that was used to generate the documents.
  • The electronic version of project assignments should be forwarded to the course TA by email.
  • Inquiries about the project assignments can be forwarded to the TA and/or course instructor.